Much like other top global immigration destinations, Australia is concerned about the rising figure of the visa over stayers in the country, and is keen to improve the situation for both the nation and the unlawful over stayers, or so it seems.

As per a report, the non-citizens in the country are being suitably told again that it is mandatory that they possess a legally valid visa while residing and doing a job in the nation, with concerns increasing about the figure of the Irish community overstaying what is permitted on their papers.

It is unspoken that the immigration authorities do not go searching for particular individuals who could have contravened their visas by overstaying, and several come to their knowledge for some other causes, like a driving offence or tax wrongdoings.

But, immigration officials do motivate those who have over stayed their visa to contact the officials, even in case they reside in the areas outside of the big cities. For instance, authorities are making a trip to the south west New South Wales (NSW) in the month of September, to offer immigration details to those who could require the same.

Sharing more information on the subject, a spokesperson for the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) reportedly stated that the Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS) outreach scheme facilitates people in the regional societies, who lack a suitable Australian Visa or are on a Bridging Visa, to speak to immigration officials about particular matters they could be troubled with.

He added that the DIBP is fully devoted to guaranteeing the reliability of the nation’s migration and visa schemes. For the non-citizens, it is compulsory that they possess a valid visa to stay in the nation even while this is a chance for individuals to receive their visa status in order, prior to they are noticed in a compliance drive.

The spokesperson indicated that it is forever preferable for the illegal non-citizens to come forward willingly, and join hands with the DIBP to decide their immigration position matters. There are large penalties comprising long exclusion bans for those who are exiled from Oz.

Apart from proffering information, the DIBP personnel can, where fitting, proffer a short term Bridging Visa to individuals even as they work through their immigration subject. Still, there is growing proof that even in big cities there are increasing figures of the visa over stayers.
As per an estimate, over 100,000 Irish persons shifted to the Kangaroo Land through the six years, post the economic crash in Ireland in 2008 on Employer-sponsored 457 Visas which enable them to stay for a maximum of four years. However, they have found it rather difficult to discover more permanent employment that would enable them to reside for a longer period.

Though several managed to obtain unskilled jobs on construction some spots, at this time there are not many opportunities even as they reportedly lack the necessary credentials to obtain a more skilled work.


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