There seems to be yet another round of difficulties in store for the global travelers, keen to land in Australia in the coming week. As per a report, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Control has issued the warning that people landing and going away from the country face holdups in the coming week, thanks to the strike action by team members.

Between March 22 and April 01 there is expected to be issues at the different international airports and cruise ship terminals, courtesy an industrial argument over income & conditions. The concerned body is taking the action over cuts in income and loss of family friendly working situations in a quarrel that has been reportedly continuing on for roughly two years.

According to a spokesman for the DIBP, even as the possible level of involvement is not known, airline and cruise ship travelers would do well to make all the necessary plans for possible delays, via landing at international airports and cruise ship terminals even earlier over the coming some weeks.

He added that DIBP is working closely with the stakeholders to lessen the effect on the travelling public, cargo and mail actions. The organization is also making certain that fitting emergencies are ready for visa and citizenship services.

As per another concerned person, striking employees are duly targeting the involved officials and bosses, who keep on ill-treating them; however, these rolling strikes could have some effect on the public--predominantly at international airports.

Much like the preceding action at airports, the travelers must get in touch with their airline, find out if they will be affected, and set aside more time when leaving and turning-up on international flights, he further reportedly stated.


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