As per a new poll that discloses pessimism and doubts across a wide range of subjects, 61% of the nationals of the US concur that continued overseas movement into the nation endangers the US.

Allegedly, the degree of worry is pretty extraordinary given the question was about all immigration, and this includes the lawful type. Even Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, has reportedly stated that he is in favor of officially authorized immigration into the nation.

The study covers 2,590 respondents even as it component of an America@250 research that's intended to measure the country’s direction with a decade to go prior to the nation celebrates its 250th birthday. The research--which was carried-out last October & November--will be posted online shortly this month.

Allegedly, the political atmosphere may assist explain for the nationals’ immigration worries. Against the backdrop of what's going on in the national discussion and the troubled condition of national politics, it makes individuals susceptible to xenophobic sloganeering.

A conviction that immigration puts the US at risk was common across age groups, though highest among the baby boomers (65%) and lowest among millennials (55%). And, by education, the same was at its peak among those with only a high school education or some college (65%), even while by region, the same was at its peak in the South, and this includes Texas (66%).

There were many other bitter discoveries in the study even as high as 58% of respondents agreed that they were not positive about the capability of the US economy to revisit stronger development and progress.


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