Here’s a positive news report for the Australians, keen to bring their parents to the nation from abroad! Come July 2017 and Canberra will start a new provisional visa for the parents of the Australians.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has reportedly commenced a consultation procedure even as it is inviting members of the public to give their opinions on the subject.

Through the recent general election drive the administration pledged to improve the existing visa arrangements, to facilitate the sponsored parents to make a trip to their family in Down Under, for an unbroken time-frame of a maximum of five years.

Sharing the DIBP’s views on the issue, a spokesman stated that Canberra strongly opines that parents ought to have the chance to make a trip to their kids and grandchildren who stay in Oz, as long as the parents and their sponsors may gratify society hopes, and that their stay in the country does not have an unwarranted cost effect on the Australian society.

The spokesperson elucidated that even as many visa choices are already accessible for the parents to spend time with their family in the nation, society feedback specifies that a new approach ought to be thought about.

He added that the introduction of such a visa is an important shift from the present visa options for parents. The same raises several matters around the Australian societies and the nature of services to maintain these travelers. The administration is searching for society input to assist mold the development of the visa.

Public may make a written submission, on the development of a temporary stay parent visa, or on the matters raised, via sending across an e-mail to: [email protected]. It is necessary that the submissions are made latest by midnight on Monday October 31, this year. Those obtained post the deadline might not be entertained.

At present, restricted visa positions are obtainable for extended family members, like parents. Though a maximum of 8,675 will be made obtainable for parents in 2016-2017, the DIBP reportedly indicates that the demand is higher, vis-à-vis the available positions and yearly cap is imposed.

The spokesperson stated that the administration admits the importance of family migration and identified with the fact that the parents proffer a range of benefits to their families and society. Still, for the previous 20 years, it has been compulsory for the regime to restrict the figure of permanent migration positions accessible to parents.

At present, is it reportedly recommended that every candidate for the new visa would agree to medical examinations with the target of not being a weight on the Australian health system, and would require taking out sufficient health insurance from an Australian provider.

They would also require having sponsorship from their child who would have to be in a position to support the parent in case obligatory, even as the visa would enable them to reside for a maximum of five years and submit an application for a 5-year renewal.


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