As per new information, more than 2,600 overseas nationals received the prized and the much sought after 457 Visas for Australia, for the period of the 2015-2016 Financial Year (FY), to arrive and do works that couldn’t be suitably filled by local manpower.

And out of the 2,618 overseas people issued with the government-sponsored Australian 457 Visa, 2,268 happened to be health specialists. But the 457 Visas for the public segment characterize just a tiny fraction of the whole 457 Visas offered.

Reportedly, 19 Anaesthetists, 20 Midwives, 28 Surgeons, 35 Specialists, 38 Psychiatrists, 228 Registered Nurses, and 1,692 General Practitioners and Resident Medical Officers find mention in the list of the health professionals given the Temporary Skilled Visa.

The rest of the recipients were for the managerial openings, together with technical and communications responsibilities in a range of segments across government sectors.

According to a spokesperson for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), sponsors presenting a petition for a 457 Visa, comprising other governmental branches, are needed to proffer enough proof that the local labour market has been duly tested. And it stops the citizens of Oz missing out on the chance to submit an application for a job opening.

Not Obligatory LMT for 457 Visas for Medical Practitioners

But, the concerned organization, namely, the Australian Medical Association (AMA), has reportedly proclaimed that Labour Market Testing (LMT) to reveal a dearth of skilled Medical Practitioners is not a compulsory condition even as they have proposed that the present arrangement should be fittingly amended.

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