As per a report, the healthcare industry of the UK has been left with a nursing loss of 24,000 workers in 2015, thanks to a blend of tougher immigration & visa laws for the Tier 2 Permits, spending cuts, and a drop in the figures of student.

It is claimed that despite the fact that an increase in the European Union (EU) immigration numbers has been noticed, 7,000 fewer nurses gained entry into the nation in 2014-15, vis-à-vis with 2003-04. Skilled nurses, who did arrive in the nation this year from the EU, were most expected to be from the countries of Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Fewer figures of UK and foreign students registering for nursing courses have also severely hit the industry segment. With the decrease in the figure of student places, less national &global students are making the cut and being accepted for the job of nurses every year.

Harder Immigration Laws

The drop in foreign nurses landing in the nation is to a degree down to stricter UK immigration regulations for the Tier 2 Permits. Apart from the monthly Tier 2 Permit quota being inadequate, to fulfill demand for the permit, the condition is expected to detrioate in the coming years.

With foreign nurses harshly hit by harder Tier 2 immigration norms the NHS--which has a manpower of roughly 1.4 million &has depended on foreign labor force since its inception way back in 1948--is experiencing an unending skills dearth.

Talking about the development, a concerned person reportedly stated that efforts are being made to hire trained nurses from India, South Africa, and the Philippines since on the whole they are of a remarkably high caliber. But all efforts to hire them have remained futile.

Dependent On Foreign Workers

During 2014, a report was published revealing the manner the nation’s healthcare industry depends on the recruitment of foreign people. The report throws light on the fact that 11% of the entire healthcare manpower and 26% of doctors in Britain are overseas persons, with personnel hired from 200-plus nations even as it is claimed that these data hold useful lessons for the British immigration strategy.

Homegrown Crisis

But, it is also maintained that the shortfall of nurses is not only a result of the decreasing figure of foreign nurses gaining admission into the nation. Allegedly, the dearth is a homegrown crisis sand the nation is suffering insufficient workplace planning, a result of the austerity steps witnessed over the past couple of years.

Drop In Student Places

Apart from tougher UK immigration laws having an influence on the recruitment of nurses, a decrease in the figure of student places made available has been noticed. Though since 2013, to be duly registered as a skilled nurse, it is mandatory that a three-year degree course is duly concluded, the figure of publicly funded student places reportedly headed south to 17,000 in 2012-13 from 22,000 in 2008-09.


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