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What is the Yukon Business Nominee Programme?

The extensively used YBNP--run under the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)--is basically the Nominee Programme of the territory. The Canadian business scheme was brought into existence to enable the Administration of Yukon to give nomination to the likely immigrants, on the basis of industrial &economic priorities and labour market situations, and who--on the basis of the territory’s review--have a good possibility of successfully launching themselves in the territory. Those who sail through will get a Yukon Nomination Certificate, and it will increase the pace of the application procedure for the Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa.

Who make the grade under the plan?

The territory is looking for those having not less than five years of business experience who may launch a new firm/venture, become an associate in an existing firm/venture, or acquire and run an existing firm/venture with a view to boost the creation and marketing of stuffs, services, exports, technology or exploration in the priority segments.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The candidate must make an investment of not less than 150,000 Canadian Dollars equity into the starting or purchasing a firm/venture in the territory.
  2. He must hold a personal net worth of not less than 250,000 Canadian Dollars.
  3. He must validate a practical information and understanding of the territory &its economy.
  4. He must be able to demonstrate reasonable communication skills.
  5. He must possess the needed skills and education to effectively execute the business plan.
Does a person, who makes the cut under the Yukon Nominee Programme, require compulsorily settling in the Yukon Territory only?

As component of any PNP petition, candidates have to present a Settlement Plan specifying why they want to reside in the province and how they aim to do so. Candidates also have to put their signature to an ‘intention to reside’ paper with their petition.

Yes, according to the procedure of the YNP, on getting selected for the Yukon nomination certificate, it is mandatory to offer the settlement plan illustrating that the aspirant is keen to reside and offer his professional services permanently.

Still, as per the Canadian Law & the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, all permanent residents and citizens in the nation possess the authority to stay and do a job anywhere across the nation.

Given this, if a person has obtained the Permanent Residency (PR) position while living in the Yukon Territory, he is at his liberty and is 100% free to stay and do a job in any Canadian territory or province. So, if you think that you may decide to move to some other Canadian region in the future, then do not worry, you can do it. It will be possible for you, no need to lose you sleep over this!

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