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Australia Skilled Workers Occupation List - 2017

Skilled immigration to Australia scene is abuzz with activity with lots of upgrades and inclusions being announced lately which is quite evident from the new Australia Skilled Workers Occupation List - 2017 released. Several states and territories have upgraded their state centric skilled trades tabulations for the period 2015-16. This aspect sounds great for the people waiting to squeeze in their requests through for Immigrating to Australia this year.

Since July 01, 2015, Australian authorities at federal and state level have incorporated substantial changes in almost all formats of Occupation Lists; SOL - the federal skilled tabulation; and CSOL the integrated skills tabulation designed to serve the state level and employment based programs.

The SOL (Australia Skilled Occupation List) or rather called federal skills tabulation contains references of the trades and professions that are required all across the country. This tabulation takes into account the general condition of the labor pools all across the country. This tabulation works independently of any interference of any specific state government.

The objective of this tabulation is to address the issue of structural expertise deficit in various strategic trades in labor pools and plug the deficit gaps in skills. This tabulation has been specifically designed for the following visa categories:

  • Sub section 189 federal independent permanent – this permit is an independent class that does not require any nomination;the selections for this class solely depend on the marks secured by profiles in in-depth profile analysis process;
  • Sub section 489 family sponsored permit – this class has been designed to cater to requests received as part of family nominations; and
  • Graduate 485 temporary classes.

The SOL (Australia Skilled Occupation List), in its current edition, includes 190 professional codes that address a variety of occupations ranging from managerial trades, accountants in business and finance; and legal professionals to medical practitioners doctors and nurses; engineering professionals; and blue-collar level tradesmen. The total number of visa slots on offer stand at more than 161,000.

Due to high levels of demand, the below three occupation groups will be subject to pro rata arrangements to ensure availability of invitations across the program year:

  • ICT Business and System Analysts
  • Software and Applications Programmers
  • Accountants

The Aussie authorities, keeping in line with the changing requirements of the local skills banks, have incorporated certain changes in the trades list; and have Updated the Federal Occupations List - SOL (Australia Skilled Occupation List).

The changes are as enumerated below:

Some of professions codes have been truncated from the SOL (Australia Skilled Occupation List), like:

  • 232611 - Urban and Regional Planner
  • 252311 - Dental Specialist
  • 252312 - Dentist

However, certain trades, in response to the rising demand for the specific trades in local labor pool, have been added into the SOL that include:

  • 324111 - Panel beater
  • 394111 - Cabinetmaker

The people working in trade codes that have been truncated from the federal lists may still be able to migrate Australia through other programs defined under the state nomination system and controlled by CSOL. But, much to the relief for the overseas students, the trades defined under accounting have been retained in the SOL - Australia Skilled Occupations List.

Similarly, the CSOL that contains references of 651 trades serves the state run Skilled Immigration Australia Programs has also been modified to some extent. The CSOL tabulation now does not include 241213 Primary School Teachers. This change has come in as a surprise; the code 241213 still finds a mention in the federal skills tabulation, which clearly indicates that the said profession still faces scarcity of qualified people.

The CSOL has been designed to assist following skilled Immigration Australia schemes:

  • Sub section 190 - state nominationpermanent permit classification- enables the state governments to nominate qualified workers for permanent residence of the country;
  • Sub section 489 - temporary nomination class
  • ENS subsection 186 and RSMS subsection 187 - permanent employment based permanent arrangements.

With the Updated Skilled Immigration Australia Occupation Lists From 1st July 2015 onwards, the Australia government has set the stage for yet another race for the ultimate status on planet earth.

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