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Australia has been looking for exceptional talent in all the fields from the developing nations. At present, the country lacks specialized skills in particular areas and hence has come up with Australian Skills Recognition Information or ASRI which provides good information on job description and skill levels required for particular occupation. The sales representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical products) also has to fulfill certain job requirements for entering Australian land.

Description of job and level of skill

An applicant applying under this profession will be representing different companies that sell dental, medical and veterinary supplies and equipments along with pharmaceutical products. For this post an applicant will have to at least possess a bachelor degree or higher educational qualification. Minimum five years of experience in the related field can be considered parallel to educational qualification in some cases.

But for the jobs which require special training then, along with experience formal education matching the Skill Level 1 of ANZSCO. More detailed information about the job description and the skills is available on the website of Australian Bureau of Statistics. The skill level information required for Australian as well as New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations is similar. But it may be different from that required by the authorities that assess skill level.

Different job occupations are assessed by varying skill assessment officials. For the job of sales representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical products) the skill assessment authority is Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services or VETASSESS. For getting the skills assessed the applicant will have to contact these authorities.

If you possess certain additional qualification or experience in relevance with the occupation of sales representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical products) you should attach related papers and documents along with the occupation. These are reviewed by the assessment authority and they forward the advice on your profile to the immigration officials.

This advice is taken into consideration by the immigration authorities while awarding points. Since Australia makes use of point based system, this additional experience and qualification can make an applicant score more points and gain entry. But if the experience or the education level is not in relevance with the occupation then, the decision entirely rests upon the immigration authority.

Eligibility program

An application under this occupation is accepted for various skilled migration programs. These programs include:

  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 187)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186)
  • Temporary Business (Long Stay)
  • SkillSelect (Points Based Skilled Migration visa)
  • Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457)

An applicant should know that only certain occupations that come under visa subclass require their skills to be assessed. Hence, it is important to find out whether your particular kind of occupation comes under the visa subclass or not.

An applicant if applying under the General Skilled Migration Program may have to face restrictions from the government agency when it comes to working in particular territory or area. The applicant may be asked to get his occupation registered or licensed before practicing. More details can be obtained from the Skilled Occupation List or SOL.

For detailed knowledge on the occupation and its requirements you should take assistance of experts in immigration field. Immigration consultants like Abhinav Outsourcing who are registered are authentic and can provide you with great assistance in getting an entry into the Australian land.

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