ABHINAV does not offer consultancy on overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.

Are you a qualified Internal Auditor--also known as Audit Officer--and keen to work overseas? If YES, you would be perhaps happy to know that Australia requires professionals like you even as your vocation finds mention in the Australian & New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) 221214.

You could make the grade for a lower needed pass mark in your points-structure work permit evaluation, and for priority processing, to fast-track your petition submitted for work permit.

What Internal Auditor Does

Among others he:

  • Arranges, offers notice of and takes part in the meetings of shareholders & directors;
  • Offers advice on the groups’ administrative boards on certain issues involving conformity with stock exchange listing regulations, pertinent corporation & legislation practice;
  • Administers supervising bodies’ share capital, and manages share transfers;
  • Manages treasury and treasury arrangements and sets-up and assesses risk management goals and treasury strategies;
  • Identifies, supervises and reports on fiscal dangers;
  • Helps with equity supervision, debt supervision, securities & taxes planning matters;
  • Collects, examines and interprets the data on the financial status, cost structures & trading usefulness of the groups;
  • Works-out, re-organizes and sets-up the budgetary cost control & related accounting arrangements, like computer-based arrangements;
  • Informs the notice of the management on the existence and effectiveness of the arrangement of internal checks;
  • Performs, audits and probes and organizes financial reports & statements for the organization, shareholders, besides the administrative & statutory organizations;
  • Assesses the cost efficiency and dangers of the operational procedures, activities, strategies and arrangements, and
  • Sets-up audit goals, and tailors and implements audit tactics, procedures and audit report conditions.

Expertise Level

This line-of-work has a level of expertise which is equal with a Bachelor Degree or superior qualification. Not less than 5 years of applicable experience could replace the prescribed qualification. In certain cases, valid experience, and/or first-hand training, could be expected, apart from the official qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

Program Qualifications

The aspirants in this occupation may be qualified for skilled movement, through these schemes: Temporary Business (Long Stay) (Subclass 457), Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), Points Based Skilled Migration visa, & Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS).

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