Before delving into the nature of the work of a particular profession, it is always wise to gather some back ground knowledge regarding the profession, and the answer knows bit about the subject. An engineering Technologist is one who has graduated the subject of engineering technology which actually focuses on applied and practical science rather that theoretical engineering study.

The availed knowledge of an engineering Technologist is not only responsible to the subject of science but also to the manufacturing industry. Basically he is responsible to the engineering communities at large. To be crisp, the basic difference between a normal engineer and that of an engineering Technologist is that engineering programmes are inclined towards the development of applied or theory skills, where as the later is most inclined towards the implementation and the maximum practical application of mathematical science.

They basically rule the technical world, where they not only have information regarding medical science but can effectively design the machineries. They thus can be defined as the professionals who have in hand application based engineering knowledge, since end of the day their major subjects are applied science and mathematics, along with fundamental of engineering.

On graduating the subject of engineering Technology, an engineering Technologist gains knowledge in various engineers functions starting form research, to productions and their operations till that of an application to specified engineering speciality.

Now let’s take an Ariel view on the characteristics of work of an engineering Technologist.

  • Graduates of engineering are known as engineers and the graduates of technologies are known as technologist, and as a matter of fact this simple fact thus highlights the huge difference between the characteristics of the profession.
  • Since responsible in the development of technologies, they need to assist the engineers, since they are the best people who can understand the needs and the demands of the market through the eyes of the engineers.
  • An engineering Technologist normally holds a high position in an organization, and sometimes they are also seen as entrepreneurs, which should never be a surprising factor. The reason for them to hold a white collar job is because they are well aware of the production market as such, starting form construction, manufacturing, improvement, as well as functioning of the equipments.
  • Since the whole study is practical based, it is evident that they also hold the highest posts as lab technicians, which have assistance. The reason behind them knows the nooks and the corners of any hands in applications.

Apart from just known the characteristics of the job, let us know the basic qualification to get in the job and qualify for Australian work visa:

  • One has to possess more than of minimum 5 years of experience as supporting technologist to a firm or should have requisite projects done on professional level.
  • The most important skill that an engineering Technologist must possess is the quality of work ethic with apt attention and detailed construction, and most importantly should know how to work in teams and groups. The skills might hear you very bookish, but believe me, it is practically required, or else it is difficult to work in this stream, since all developments and creations are team work.

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