Australia has good infrastructure and educational institutes and is a highly developed nation which can offer good life to its citizens. There are many highly qualified professionals of the developing nations who want to take advantage of such prosperity and affluence and make their career in Australia. On the other hand, Australia too is eager to welcome qualified professionals, skilled labor, business investors and students for higher studies to cover lack of skilled manpower in its country.

That is why it has come up with the Australian Skills Immigration Recognition which lists all the important or specialized occupations that Australia requires. Depending upon this list applicants are made to apply for the migration visa of Australia. Earlier Engineering Manager-133211 was named as Engineering Manager-1221-11.

Work description

Under this occupation, an applicant is expected to plan, direct, organize, coordinate and control the technical and engineering operations within an organization.

Required skill level

If you are applying under Engineering Manager Occupation you may not be expected to possess proper academic qualification. An experience of five years in the same profession would be considered equivalent to bachelor degree. But in certain cases even higher qualification may be required according to ANZSCO Skill Level 1.

This skill level is similar for both the New Zealand and Australian Standard Classification of Occupations. But these skill sets are different from those which are required by the skill assessing authorities. Hence you must contact the concerned assessing authority before completing all the formalities related to the application submission.

Are you eligible?

There are different programs under which you can be eligible for the skilled migration program. These programs include:

  • SkillSelect (Point Based Skilled Migration visa)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186)
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 187)
  • Temporary Business (long stay)
  • Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457)

Always keep in mind that all the professions do not need skill assessment. And if your occupation needs it, the authorities are different for varying professions. So you will need to find out which skill assessment authority is handling your occupation. In case of Engineering Manager your assessment authority is Engineers Australia.

Also the General Skilled Migration Program sometimes makes it mandatory for particular occupation practitioners to practice in nominated state or territories of Australia. This again you can find out by getting in touch with the skill assessing authorities. So, there are so many things that are required to be understood and implied upon for making your application accepted.

Moreover, if you want to get nominated by the Australian government and possess special skill set which can get you nominated, you will have to forward all the relevant documents regarding your experience and qualification to them. The assessment authorities will then, advice the immigration personnel to have a closer look at your profile, increasing your chances of getting the visa.

It’s difficult to keep track of such important issues that come with immigration process. Hence, you need to hire an established immigration consultant like Abhinav Immigration Services for making your efforts successful.

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