A Biomedical Engineer is who has qualified the engineering course, which talks at large the wangle of medicine and biology for medical purpose. Biomedical Engineering or BME is all about continuous research work and new findings in the therapeutic world. The researchers are all diagnosis based. Thus it is obvious to state that the medicines can only be manufactured once there are the machines that can help in mixing the chemical components and other apparatus to minutely observe the reactions. This subject of Biomedical Engineering aims to bridge the gap between engineering and medicines.

The responsibility of a Biomedical Engineer is not only to plan and invent the concept, but also implement and apply it for therapeutic purpose in form of medicines. This subject is not as old as any other engineering subjects prevalent for years; rather it is one of the youngest engineering subjects and that too in amalgamation with the medical world. We keep saying a common fact that "the medical filed ahs improved to a great extent, be it in medicines or even the diagnostics apparatus availed" - the true credit goes to the subject and the Biomedical Engineers.

It is them that they invent the apparatus in form of sketch graph, then land up with technicians and gradually things are built. Now the market is laden with all types of Biomedical Engineering apparatus, and we the laymen have now become accustomed with the look and the functions of some of the apparatus too. One might have graduated with the subject but yet the designation of the engineer depends upon the nature of the work dealt.

However to understand the whole concept or to know the nature of the job of a Biomedical Engineer lets go through the points below:

  • Mathematics is the prime subject, which is further utilised to make a software, and this product then aid in not only designing the equipments but also develops the devices for advance tests and medical examination.
  • Since there are machines involved there are bound to be trouble shooting problems, which need technicians for proper maintenance of the equipments. Thus these engineers are again the best people to trace and recognise the best or reliable technicians and the manufacturing units.
  • They are the best people to understand the fact that only through effective conducted research helps solving clinical problems; solving does not mean just the result, but the question raised must have evident answers with acute information.
  • The collateral discussion not only depends upon the mechanical result, but a Biomedical Engineer can also understand the quality of the equipment. Thus proportionately the marketing departments have to continually work on wider prospect with quality heading the list.
  • A Biomedical Engineer not only is always on the move of arranging scientific trials, but they sometimes personally approach to the market and other relevant industries for latest range and designs. They also in the roll is always in continuous contact with their senior health staffs for reference and further fruitful findings which may not be just testing but also maintaining clinical equipments too.

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