ANZSCO ‘Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations’ classifies 225499 Technical Sales Representatives NEC as:-

A professional who is responsible for the technical promotion of a product or a service in order to sell the product under a given competition. The objective with the occupation is to achieve sales through a technical summation of the product’s features, utility, price and specifications as benefit over competition. The end result should be customer satisfaction and a repeat sale.

The mention of 225499 Technical Sales Representative on the CSOL ‘Consolidated Skilled Occupation List’ comes under the General Skilled Category. The immigrants with a good expertise on technical sales and business development now have a good opportunity to have an occupation of their choice at a dream destination.

Australia has always been identified for its robust economy and a cosmopolitan work culture. The country has always believed on the abilities of an individual and has provided befitting opportunities. Technical Sales Representative comes as one more on these opportunities under the general skilled class. The designation gives a good view of the professional obligations on the job. One is supposed to affect sales by a convincing promotion of the technical features of a product or a service.

The classification speaks of certain indicative skill levels:-

  • Skill Level 1 requires the immigrant to have a Bachelor degree or 5 years of relevant experience to commensurate skills for the occupation
  • Skill Level 2 requires the immigrant to have a AQF ‘Associate Degree’ / Advanced Diploma or 3 years of relevant experience to commensurate for the occupation

The occupation of 225499 Technical Sales Representative falls under the Skill Level 1 of the ANZSCO classification. Under the General Skilled class the professional is expected to create, conceptualize and analyze tasks through a practical application of knowledge in the field of business, design, engineering, media, arts, transport, arts, health, law, social sciences information and communication technology.

DIAC ‘Department of Immigration and Citizenship’ speaks of certain requirements while making an application on 225499 Technical Sales Representative.

  • The application should be filed under any of the 3 visa programs i.e. Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass-186), Standard Business Sponsorship (subclass 457) and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187).
  • The make sure whether the occupation falls under state or territory government agency nomination
  • Get a skill assessment by a national assessment authority such as VETASSESS ‘Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services’.

It is also suggested to have a detailed know-how about Skillselect. DIAC identifies Skillselect as the gateway to Australian immigration and every application must pass through this. The immigrant should therefore place an EOI ‘Expression of Interest’ on Skillselect as intention to relocate to Australia on work permit. The application would be given a point’s based assessment on age, academic qualification, experience, abilities, skills and adaptability. A minimum score of 60 should must be accomplished to remain alive on the list. A positive assessment of the application on such aspects should make sure that the visa is acquired in time.

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