225212 Business Development Manager is placed on the General Skilled Category on CSOL ‘Consolidated Skilled Occupation List’ Australia!

ANZSCO ‘Australian New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations’ has recently placed the occupation of Business Development Manager on the CSOL. This gives a good chance to all those professional who were willing to immigrate to Australia under the General Skilled category. This also speaks of the different route that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship takes for filling up vacancies in the local job market. Contrary to other developed nations such as UK and US, the immigration policy in Australia invites immigrant applications on general skills also.

The skilled immigrants can now take opportunities at fields such as business development, education, transport, law, information, communication technology, social sciences and arts. These occupations have been enlisted under the Major Group 2 category where the professionals are required to manage, analyse, create and conceptualize tasks through a suggestive input of knowledge, theoretical concepts and professional expertise. The occupation doesn’t essentially belong to the technical category and give a fair chance to the immigrants under General Skilled category.

ASRI ‘Australian Skills Recognition Information’ gives a more detailed description of the occupation and the skills. The skills on occupations such as 225212 ICT Business Development Manager are outlined as:-

  • A Bachelor Degree / Advanced Higher Education
  • 5 years of relevant experience (ANZSCO skill level 1) / 3 years of relevant experience (ANZSCO skill level 2)
  • An exposure to on-the-job training for certain occupations with higher specifications / specialization
  • Advanced Diploma or an AQF Associate Degree to produce a better output
  • A high level of interest, talent and initiative for jobs under the sub-major group 21 (especially in the Arts and Media)

ANZSCO defines the occupation of 225212 ICT Business Development Manager as:

A professional who generates and identifies new business opportunities in the Information and Communications technology sector to further expand the market. The professional obligations further include promoting, advertising, communicating and marketing product and product features to acquire a higher market share.

Australia seems to identify this occupation to further develop the market in the information & communications sector. The skilled immigrants from different parts of the world are given a chance to explore their potentialities on this area of expertise. It is pretty much a possibility that if you work as a Business Development Manager and your skills match the ANZSCO classification then you might get a work permit for an Australian immigration.

The position of a Business Development Manager features on the State Sponsorship List for filling up vacancies at different regions and territories in Australia. A mention on State Sponsorship helps the applicants gain 5 more points on their cumulative score. These enhances their chances of acquiring visa in spite of having scored low on pass marks and also get a prioritized processing during allocation of job.

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