Australian Immigration now gets easier for all those finance graduates!

The opportunities on finance have always been an alluring factor for the skilled immigrants under skilled immigration program. The evolution of services firms in the Australian economy has led to a significant addition to Banking firms, Investment firms and entities that thrive on commercial finance. This was also an outcome to the globalisation that has tempered every local business at different geographies of the world. The financial institutions are getting ready to offer services that are world class and competitively placed. ASRI ‘Australian Skills Recognition Information’ identifies this and places 149914 Financial Institution Branch Manager on the SOL ‘Skilled Occupation List’.

ASRI defines a Financial Institution Branch Manager who takes control and manages the intricate operations at any financial institution, bank or a credit union.

For the skilled immigrants, ANZSCO ‘Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations’ make a clear mention of criteria on skills and eligibility:-

  • ANZSCO skill level 2
  • An Advanced Diploma or AQF Associate Degree
  • 3 years of relevant experience at any Financial Institution
  • An advanced on-the-job training with relevant exposure

Skillselect acts as the gateway to all the nitty-gritty on immigration. It is advisable for all the applicants under skilled immigration to pay attention to various formalities on Skillselect to ease out their route to a work permit visa / Australian Immigration. It is suggested to first lay out an EOI ‘Expression of Interest’ with a good description on age, education, professional experience and skills. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has authorized Skillselect to perform a points based assessment of every application on skilled immigration. A minimum of 60 points should must be scored to remain eligible for a immigration visa. The Applicant should therefore pay attention to all the highlights of his or her profile that might attract points. For instance-

  • A Ph.D or Masters Degree
  • 5 or more number of rich and relevant experiences
  • IELTS certificate that establishes ability on communication
  • A relevant pick on SOL ‘Skilled Occupation List’
  • Documental evidences on Health Insurance, Medical, Legal and Financial

A carefully made EOI and availability of all the mentioned papers should make sure that the occupation on 149914 Financial Institution Branch Manager takes form of a reality.

The applicants must also be aware of the different visa programs that can be availed to place an application under this occupational category. Skillselect mentions 3 such programs-

  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
  • Employer Nomination Scheme
  • Standard Business Sponsorship

It is however preferable for the applicants to prefer the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme for placing the application. Going by the experiences of many other successful applicants the Regional Sponsorship or State Nomination gets a faster processing and prioritized allotment on occupation. More so, the regional sponsorship brings in an addition of 5 points to the cumulative score.

An application for Financial Institution Branch Manager opens door for Australian Immigration. However it is advisable to give a comprehensive assessment to an individual’s profile and take a prudent decision on visa program.

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