Hospitality has acquired status of a preferred occupation across the globe. A rich experience as a cafe or Restaurant Manager gets you a work visa to different destinations where the service industry is outperforming others. Australia ranks one among such destinations where the economy boasts of a greater contribution from the hospitality industry. The SOL ‘Skilled Occupation List’ is also reflective of a good demand of skilled manpower on this segment. The recent promotion of Australia as a multicultural, resource rich and a scenic beauty has only added more number of tourists to the country. This has necessitated a good supply of hospitality managers to take care of the needs and requirements of the visiting foreigners.

ASRI ‘Australian Skills Recognition Information’ substantiates this demand by listing 141111 Cafe or Restaurant Manager on the SOL. The occupation has been defined as someone who manages or coordinates the entire spectrum of activities at a Restaurant or a Cafe that define hospitality. The services need to match global standard on guest management, resource allocation, man management, food services and everything that falls under hospitality. Australia already has a rich presence of such Restaurants or Cafes who demand a good supply of managers to take care of such core activities.

All the skilled immigrants can apply for the occupation under 3 different visa types i.e. Temporary (long term) Business Sponsorship (subclass 457), Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187). Skillselect goes on to give a prioritised processing to all the applications under the State Nomination / Regional Sponsorship. Preferably, the applicants should take route of sponsorship to become sure of an early visa and a reservation on the occupation.

On the eligibility criteria, ASRI ‘Australian Skills Recognition Information’ would demand a Bachelor degree as the least on educational requirement. Anyone who has an additional degree on Hotel Management or Hospitality definitely makes for a greater probability on selection. As a regulatory body, ANZSCO ‘Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation’ makes it mandatory to have an on-the-job training for more specialized version of the job. In case the education falls short, the immigrant can also show 5 years of relevant experience on hospitality at an organization of repute.

Skillselect marks the gateway to every occupation on 141111 Cafe or Restaurant Manager. The applicants are supposed to first present an EOI ‘Expression of Interest’ as intent to join an Australian employer under the specified occupation. This should be followed by a detailed encryption of facts on education, experience and skills. An appropriate selection on SOL should be made in view of the candidates profile on education and professional expertise. In order to increase the probabilities on success the immigrant should also provide papers on official language, Health insurance and Medico-Legal formalities. Under skilled immigration it is very obvious for the applicant to credibly inform the immigration authorities about his abilities and eligibility on immigration. A positive assessment of the same should result in an early issuance of the visa and an appointment letter on the selected occupation.

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