The occupation for a Quality Assurance Manager is now open to applications under skilled immigration program. Australia now offers an opportunity to all Quality Analysts to come and join Australian soil in lieu of their services at an Australian enterprise. ASRI ‘Australian Skills Recognition Information’ mentions 139914 Quality Assurance Manager as one who keeps up the quality aspect intact at any enterprise, function or business activity. The global competition is such that every business entity needs to match up the world standard on quality; may it be production, services or merchandising.


Every core function in the business needs to adhere to certain said specifications to remain competitive in the market. A Quality Assurance Manager gets his role here to keep a tab on the business activities so that no deviation is observed at the quality level. The occupation is in demand and at various forms of businesses. It could be a Hotel, Multi cuisine restaurant, Construction firm, Production firm, Manufacturing facility or anything that makes profit out of business. The position gets an immigrant a managerial position at a lucrative preposition. As a Quality Analysts the person can also get to sharpen up skills and Australia seems to be the perfect spot for this.

ASRI, however mentions certain specifications on education, qualification and expertise as eligibility for the occupation. ANZSCO ‘Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation’ finds a Bachelor degree as the least on educational requirement. A Diploma or Degree on Total Quality Management ‘TQM’ should further brighten up the chances on selection. An experienced person can also replace the educational certification for a rich 5 years of relevant experience at a recognized firm.


The Department of Immigration and Citizenship enlists certain visas under the skilled immigrant category for the said occupation. The application can be made under Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187, Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) and Temporary Business Sponsorship (subclass 457). A State Nomination should not just enhance the chances on immigration but also produce an occupation prior to immigration. Suggestively, an application placed under State Nomination or Regional Sponsorship should see an addition of 5 points to the point’s tally.

Skillselect also gets a wider role to play at immigration services. The skilled immigrant needs to first place an EOI ‘Expression of Interest’ as 139914 Quality Assurance Manager. The EOI should also have a detailed description of the education, professional experience, skills and other relevant details. The immigrant need to browse through the SOL ‘Skilled Occupation List’ to make selection on an occupation that suits his or her profile. An IELTS ‘International English Language Test Score’ is made mandatory by Skillselect which marks the competency of the immigrant on the official language. A good ielts score on the same makes sure that communication is not a problem at the workplace. As a Quality Analysts the job demands a lot from the skilled immigrant and all this starts with a qualitative assortment of papers and documents on Immigration. Only the successful one gets to acquire the job.


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