Abhinav has recently launched its most-awaited and one-of-a-kind Abhinav Globetrotter Card (AGC), which gives applicants the power to achieve a wide range of visas and benefits under one card. It will bring down the clients' professional service costs towards higher global mobility, visitor visa application processing access to multiple countries, and a chance to look for options to apply for PR visas and study abroad visa applications, seek jobs abroad, and conduct business overseas.

Abhinav Globetrotter Card (AGC) will solve all your visa needs –PR Visa, Business Visa, Study Visa, Job Seeker Visa, or Visit Visa.

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Unparalleled benefits under the Abhinav Globetrotter Card (AGC):

1. Unlimited Visas for up to three generations in the family - Seamlessly prepare applications for visas without any limits on destinations:

  • Tourist Visas,
  • Business Visas,
  • Work Permits, Or
  • Study Visas

2. One PR Visa Application – Create and file one Permanent Residency Visa application to either:

  • Canada, or
  • Australia

You will receive a Family PR Visa. Both countries require skilled professionals.

3. One Job Seeker visa application Get access to a Job Seeker Visa to either of the three countries:

  • Germany,
  • Sweden, or
  • Austria

Where applicable, job Seeker Visa for one member (Self or Spouse).

  • One International Resume Receive a well-curated International Resume for primary card members as per your profile, tailor-made perfectly.
  • Expert Visa Assistance – Get comprehensive visa solutions for all the visa pathways, as mentioned earlier. Stay updated with the policy changes in all pathways. Get prompt responses and follow up on your visa-related inquiries during office hours.

Why should you become an Abhinav Globetrotter (AGC) Card Holder?

  • Access to a wide range of Visas – One card will offer unlimited benefits and higher global mobility to you and your family. You can Live, settle, work, do business, study, or travel freely abroad with your family with one card.
  • Visa Solutions by Industry Leaders – Abhinav Immigration Services is a pioneering immigration and Visa consulting business with over 29 years of industry excellence in serving lakhs of individuals, families, and companies to fulfill their migration, study, employment, and business aspirations abroad.
  • One Card, Quality Service at your fingertips – With Abhinav Globetrotter Card (AGC), get visa application service in all mentioned pathways without the need to visit our office. With technologically advanced offices and a professionally managed setup, our team can serve you digitally for documentation assistance, file submission and liaison with the authorities.
  • Value Delivered at the Right Price - The Abhinav Globetrotter Card (AGC) comes with different durations and validity (two, three, or five years), which offers the best value for your money. You can choose the right card according to your preference.
  • Extended to three generations of the family – The one-of-a-kind card provides a comprehensive scope of services to three generations, including primary members, spouse, dependent children, and parents of both spouses.

Step-by-step process to become the proud holder of the Abhinav Globetrotter Card (AGC):

Step 1 – Connect via phone or meet with our experienced business managers to discuss your global aspirations. Our specialist will assess your profile, evaluate your preferences, and help you choose the best AGC Card to suit your aspirations.

Step 2 – Choose the Abhinav Globetrotter (AG) Card membership as per the suitable duration:

  • Silver Card - 2 years
  • Gold Card - 3 years
  • Diamond Card - 5 years

Step 3 – Explore the programs, Document Checklist, and finally sign the membership agreement by paying the corresponding card.

Step 4 - A case manager will be assigned to fulfill your visa needs. Your AGC card becomes effective in 30 days from receipt.

Step 5 – Enjoy unlimited membership benefits for the entire family without any hurdles.

Do you wish to live, work, settle, do business, study, or travel abroad with your family? This is your Golden Chance - Join the Abhinav Globetrotter Card (AGC) Membership Scheme today and embark on a journey filled with opportunities, growth, and success. Please consult with our experts for personalized guidance at 8595338595 or mail us at [email protected]

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