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8262 - Fishermen/Women

Fishermen/women operate fishing vessels to pursue and land fish and other marine life. They are usually self-employed owner-operators of fishing vessels.

  • Illustrative example(s)
    • fisherman/woman
    • fishing vessel skipper
    • inshore fisherman/woman
    • lobster fisherman/woman
    • longliner fisherman/woman
    • seiner fisherman/woman
  • All examples
  • beam trawl fisherman/woman
  • clam dredge operator
  • clam fisherman/woman
  • crab fisherman/woman
  • Danish seine fisherman/woman
  • fisherman/woman
  • fishing vessel skipper
  • gill net fisherman/woman
  • gillnetter skipper
  • handliner fisherman/woman
  • harpoon fisherman/woman
  • hoop net fisherman/woman
  • inshore fisherman/woman
  • line fisherman/woman
  • lobster fisherman/woman
  • longline fisherman/woman
  • longliner fisherman/woman
  • otter trawl fisherman/woman
  • pot fisherman/woman
  • pound net fisherman/woman
  • prawn fisherman/woman
  • purse seine fisherman/woman
  • scallop dredger
  • seaweed dragger
  • seaweed harvesting machine operator
  • seiner fisherman/woman
  • shellfish fisherman/woman
  • shellfish harvester operator
  • shore fisherman/woman
  • skipper, fishing vessel
  • skipper, gillnetter
  • swordfish fisherman/woman
  • trap boss - fishing
  • trap fisherman/woman
  • troller fisherman/woman
  • weir fisherman/woman
  • Exclusion(s)
    • Fishing masters and officers (8261)
    • Fishing vessel deckhands (8441)
  • Main duties

Fishermen/women perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Operate fishing vessel to pursue and catch fish and other marine life
  • Select area for fishing, plot courses and compute navigational positions using compasses and charts or electronic fishing aids
  • Steer vessel and operate navigational instruments
  • Operate fishing gear, direct fishing operation and supervise fishing crew members
  • Maintain engine, fishing gear and other on-board equipment
  • Record fishing activities, weather and sea conditions
  • Estimate costs of operations and plan budget for each fishing season
  • Establish fish marketing plan and keep records of all financial transactions
  • May transport fish to processing plants or fish buyers.
  • Employment requirements
    • Several years of experience as fishing vessel crew member or helper are usually required.
    • A commercial fishing licence is required.
    • Licences are required for each species of fish pursued.
    • Trade certification for fish harvesters is available, but voluntary, in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Additional information
    • Progression to master or mate on fishing vessels over 100 gross tonnes is possible with additional training, licensing and experience.

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