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 I want to convey my appreciation to the dedicated work atmosphere at Abhinav. I got my tourist visa with in a week. Neha madam, Amit Sir and the whole team did their best and prompt effort to complete visa documentation. I am completely satisfied with the effort of the whole staff. Will recommend all 


Ankit Dhawan
Friday, December 01, 2017

We (Michelle and Rex) are more than happy to let you know that we got our PR for Canada.The team at Abhinav has helped us a lot in going through  the process.We were very well guided  .All the best to the team.You guys do an amazing job.

All the best. Keep up the good work.Once more thanking you from the bottom of our heart for the proper guidance.



Michelle and Rex
Saturday, November 25, 2017

  •  How was your overall experience with Abhinav?

Overall good experience from start to end

  •  How was your experience when your profile transferred to me?

This was not particularly great experience as I did mention I applied for student visa when i enrolled with abhinav but that information was not passed to Azmath unless my document submission. If this process was streamlined maybe it will make life easy for Azmath and the client

  •  Am I able to resolve your queries?

Azmath was very good in resolving queries

  •  Am I able to give you the prompt reply?


Darryl Thomas
Friday, November 24, 2017

I am so thankful for your help and services to get my canada PR last month. I would like to specially thank Sushma for her service and her humble behavior in handling things throughout the process. I am specially pleased with her honesty when she openly accepted and informed me that she had uploaded wrong file in ITA. None of us would have noticed it had she didn't show the courage to tell the truth instead of hiding it. She tried very hard to make it right after that. Keep it up Sushma! Honesty is an expensive gift and your attitude is sure a keep to any organisation!

I respect you as a person more than our dealing as a agent and customer.




I am really glad n pleased to share with you that my application for PR visa for Canada for my spouse n me has been processed and we have finally received passport request for visa stamping.

Our case, i believe was not normal or the usual one. it was complicated and definitely the time consuming one.  Komal was the one i reached out to, to help me with my spousal visa processing. It was her firm conviction that put a sense of hope in me that our file would be accepted and processed again to add my spouse as a dependent. The entire process was lengthy but Komal  and Shailavi, you guys made it worthwhile...

Komal, i always used to tell you, that i trust you and that is the reason i am doing this procedure, I am so glad you kept your word and got me through the entire processing. Otherwise i have really been impatient and at times even considered dropping the idea since it felt too complicated. you have really been patient with me and guided me aptly.  I also thank you on behalf of my husband Vijay. i dont know why, but out of all the people that i met for my case processing, we genuinely and easily  could trust you with a strong belief that a team under her supervision will not cheat us on our case or misguide us.  Keep doing the great work...!!

Shailavi, i dont know if i am the right person to say this, but you seem to be really hard working. Despite ,taking my case midway and so many complications in it, you really cracked the deal for me. you really got yourself updated with my case details very quickly to help me not waste more time. I know you have worked extra hours to close my case before the deadline. you certainly have a great way ahead...

Thank you both a ton.....




We started our journey with Abhinav consultants in June 2016. For a couple of months starting June 2016  we were not keen to work with Abhinav based at Bangalore for our Canadian Immigration. We were thinking of hiring immigration consultants either in USA or Canada because we are located in United States. This is because of  the time zone difference (12 plus hours) between USA and India.

One executive named Prathvin Kamath explained to us about the services of Abhinav. I liked his attitude and the way he explained all the stages involved. It was a laborious amount of documentation involved. We signed up with Abhinav and began working towards our documentation /IELTS/official transcripts/WES reports/references etc ..

Our case was handled by  Shruthi , then by Sheetal.

Eight months had passed by while we did our IELTS, official transcripts were obtained from India then sent to Canada, the WES reports were sent back to India.

Finally in March 2017 our case was picked up by Jili Roy.

Jili Roy is really a dedicated executive. Jili took ownership of our case that had stagnated for two months. Then on it was a good working relationship . Jili Roy responded to our queries efficiently. Sometimes we spent hours in collating the documents in the prescribed format. Jili used to confirm with the experts in the team about the correctness of our documentation.

Now that we got an invite from Canada asking for our passports we are happy about the hard work that Abhinav and ourselves dedicated into this immigration process. 

My understanding from this immigration pursuit of one year is that both the individual applying for immigration and the immigration consultant (Abhinav) must work closely with responsibility and focus towards and get accuracy on the documentation part of the submissions.

Thank you Abhinav for your support and services.


Thanks & Regards Sajjad Asif

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Ms.Neha from delhi office for an exceptional work in consulting and attending my case for canada business visa. A complete professional and consultant with expectional knowledge of documents and procedures. She is very prompt with messages and corrective actions required to make the case strong. A result of which i have recvd my Business visa and now looking forward to get PR for canada

Also appreciate for all the hard work in helping me in the process to obtain our permanent residence in Canada. I am sure in Ms. Neha's hand the case would definitely breed positive result. What was probably the most stressful situation to deal with was made so much easier with Ms.Neha's , patience and positive attitude. I would also like to thank Ms. Shalini for expiditing my visa process when it was already delayed.

Ms. Neha knew all the answers to my questions and right away offered different ways to deal with my visa options.

I will definitely recommend Ms.Neha to anyone looking for an immigration consultant.


Best regards

Siddharth rao

I would like thank Sharada and really appreciate her efforts in handling the whole process of my child's PR and as well as Visitor visa.  The Visitor visa case was getting tighter as the tickets for my family's travel were already booked and PR was also in the midst of the process.

She has been very patient, attentive and responsive to all our queries and never shied away from tight deadlines and multiple calls i had to make to your offices to contact her for every followup i had to make. It was really nice working with her and happy to have Sharada handled my case.  

Great stuff! My Child's Visa has arrived much earlier than my anticipation. PR is still in process and i am confident now it will be handled well at your end.



Vishwanath Gaitonde

Thank you for the wonderful news and all the support . I have already given a good review in Google.

I would also like to appreciate Sharada for providing us an exceptional support through out the process. 



Its my pleasure to inform you That we have Received the CONFIRMATION for OUR VISA  from the interviewee i.e for
1. Mr Sanjay Anand
2. Mrs Aruna Anand
3. Mr Aayush Anand
4. Mr Paarth Anand  

I would personally like to thank "THE ENTIRE TEAM OF ABHINAV" for their great efforts and Time.
SPECIALLY "MS NEHA"  who gave us enought time and guidance for the interview.


Warm Regards,

Sanjay Anand

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