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I have received my Canadian permanent residency couple of day’s ego. It took some time as I have to gather my documents from other countries & processing for my new born baby. I would like to thank RAKESH CHAUHAN (Delhi), SADHNA & NARESHA (Hyderabad), who very efficiently co-ordinate & guided me.

As it took more than a year I was loosing hope & thinking to withdraw my application but the team ABHIVAV especially RAKESH sir & SADHNA gave me assurance I still remember calling RAKESH (sir) even after office hours which he uses to attend very politely & answering my queries.

The staff of ABHINAV (SULEKHA) with whom I started my processing, they all were very transparent in regard of their consultancy fees & other payments towards CANADIAN HIGH COMMISSION, I never felt that I am in wrong hands as there are many fraudulent agents & consultancies.

There are many more incidents which can be described about team ABHINAV but I m taking leave as I have to pack my bags & hope they bring smile on many other faces in future. BEST OF LUCK

Thanks and Regards,
Amjait Hussain
Monday, December 10, 2012

I have received my PR couple of days back and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, especially Rithika and Alex.

Many a times his suggestions helped me a lot and many times he stayed till 7.45 p.m. in the evening sorting out my documentation which shows his commitment and he is an indispensable asset to Abhinav. It is not my opinion but the opinion of some others as well.

Another quality of Alex who is much appreciated is the warm welcome we get whenever we call him and the prompt response we get for the emails seeking clarification, and this shows the interest he takes to serve his customers.

Rithika helped me resolve some issues in the absence of Alex.

I once again thank Abhinav team for their cooperation.

Thanks and Regards,
Monday, November 26, 2012

Thank you so much for doing your part in furthering my application for Permanent Residency to Australia. Your enthusiasm and effort shown to get my Permanent Residency has well paid off on helping me get it well ahead of schedule. It was an invaluable help during a difficult period in which i had virtually given up to obtain my PR.

I had been given so much negative advice by other consultants saying it’s too late now for the PR & i still remember the first time i walked into the Abhinav office with a very little hope & met Tabassum. Coming to know that we had very less time & the deadline for processing the PR was so close.

But you were so very positive in your attitude that made me feel that someone was actually listening to me and would do utmost to support my application. Nothing was too much trouble as your knowledge of the Immigration Legislation was very impressive. Finally after a whole lot of planning & hard work we excellently executed this thing.

This really means a lot to me as it has played a pivotal role in where I stand today.

I really appreciate the extended help you have provided me beyond and well before getting my PR, and also helping me in the preparation of my PR portfolio.

Once again thank you (Tabasum and Alex) very much or as they say in our country :

Sarfaraz Soudagar
Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanks a lot for all your help with my visa processing. You(Alex) have been of massive assistance all the way through and without your attention to detail things would not have been as smooth as it was. Truly impressed with your ability to handle such a lot of paper work so meticulously.

Tabassum: Appreciate your counselling/guidance through the various stages of visa processing.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Abhinav to anyone who is keen on taking up migration to Australia/other countries.

Rajiv Govindan
Friday, November 09, 2012

I received my PR Visa for Australia (sub class 176) recently and am migrating there with family in November 2012. Please accept my thanks for the assistance received from M/s Abhinav Outsourcings.

I have found your services and staff quite competent and effective right from the first interaction I have had with you, through ACS assessment and state sponsorship till receiving my PR. I specifically want to mention that your colleagues regularly followed up with me for documentation etc. which helped me in obtaining the visa in time.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone serious about migrating to Australia.

Thanks again.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

That's great news !!

I thank Abhinav for the continuous support and commitment towards each and every step of this journey towards obtaining the PR. it wouldn't have been possible without your expert guidance.

A special thanks to Tabassum and Alex for their help and guidance through the entire procedure and for their professionalism in the visa process. Hats off to you.

Thanks & Regards,

Jonathan Ranjan
Tuesday, 6 November 2012

It was my pleasure and luck that I was associated with Abhinav for my immigration planning. I am extremely happy with the services and support given for this entire course of period, my process was so smooth and never had any issues with regards to anything.

All the required instructions were given to me time to time without any failure, I can write so many things about Abhinav but to cut the long story short. ABHINAV Outsourcing is Awesome and Reliable partners.

My special thanks to Ms. Geeta for being so patient with her clients, I never had any single incident where I have asked for something and she said no. She is got immense amount knowledge and her positive and hard working attitude make things really easy for the clients.

Thanks & Regards,

Vipin Lal
Program Manager Adobe Systems

Monday, November 05, 2012

Extremely sorry for taking long time to write to you.

I was busy with my office work and later I got busy with planning my trip to Canberra and Sydney. Finally I could make a nice short visit to Australia. All because of efforts taken by you all in obtaining me my Visa.

I am delighted by the service provided by Abhinav during past more than two years. Definitely it was a long process and had some ups and downs. Most important thing is at the end goal was achieved. I would like to recite entire story today how the journey has been. I hope you enjoy reading the same.

My association with Abhinav began quite some time back at Abhinav's Bangalore office, there on telephone and email I inquired about Immigration to New Zealand. I was not ready to start the process in terms of finance at that time so I gave up. After few months I visited Bangalore office of Abhinav, to find out process of Immigration to Canada. This time, I was falling short in terms of work experience so I had to stop again. Mean while I changed my job and relocated to Mumbai. I was in touch with Abhinav's Mumbai there on.

Komal Madam directed me to begin my process with Canada Immigration. I submitted documents, then discovered my experience is not sufficient to suit profile of 'IT Manager'. I tried my level best to obtain experience letter from my office stating my duties, but none of my duties were of IT Manager as I am at Software Developer position. Lot of emails and phone calls were exchanged between me and Abhinav to fulfill necessary documentation and to get the process ahead. Some how I was not convinced with the way process was heading. I spoke with Mr. Ajay Sharma who explained me the process again and also explained how Abhinav is trying to help me proceed with my application. Finally I filled necessary forms and application was submitted for stage one of Canada Immigration. Various aspects mentioned above caused a delay in submitting the application.

Just after submitting application, news came that Canada's occupation in demands list has been modified and they no longer needed IT professionals. A door closed for me and I was devastated. Looking at these changes at Canada, Mr. Ajay wrote a nice letter to all his clients explaining the situation and he came up with few alternatives.

1. There was slight chance with Canada as Quebec was still open for IT professionals provided they possess good knowledge of French language. I had done few classes of French language during my college days but nothing beyond that. Learning a new language was as good as climbing Mount Everest for me. So I could not even think of this option.

2. Other option was to think about countries such as Australia and New Zealand. I found this as better option and this is how Oz story began.

This is where Geeta madam came into picture. I did some follow up with her and actual process began. I could gather all the necessary documents for Stage 1 process of Australia Immigration. Obtaining experience certificate from my current employer was not a big trouble. Stage 2 also went quite smoothly just that I had to give IELTS exam two times. Today, I can say that a bumpy ride which began long time back in Bangalore has ended very comfortably at Mumbai with Australian PR in my hand.

I am satisfied with service provided by Abhinav, and my satisfaction reflects in referring my friend to Abhinav. Madhur Khedekar who is client of Abhinav today, approached Abhinav as he came to know about organization through me. He is applying to Canada Immigration via Abhinav. As per latest information from him, he is experiencing some issues related to exact knowledge of the process and documentation. I would request Abhinav to make him happy with your services just the way you have made me happy. I am sure we both shall refer more friends to Abhinav.

Couple of my friends from Bangalore have inquired about Australia Immigration at Abhinav's Bangalore office. This clearly states I am trying to refer Abhinav; but if existing clients get bad experience this would reflect in referrals too. Please take care of this aspect to have long lasting alliance.

I clicked many photographs during my trip to Australia, I am attaching one of the most spectacular photos I have clicked with this email as a token of appreciation.

Scanned copy of my Visa label is also attached with this email for your reference.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhijit Vaidya
Sunday, October 07, 2012

First of all I am very much thankful to KOMAL mam (Mumbai ),who nicely co-ordinated in all the activities in order to get My PR VISA for the country CANADA.She has encouraged us everytime & guided us very nicely,to come out with the appropriate solutions from the different steps involved in the application process of PR VISA.I am giving her thanks on behalf of My spouce Shilpa Pande & son Makarand Pande,who has become very happy after looking at VISA DOCUMENTS.

Secondly I am thankful to Rakesh chauhan Sir(Delhi),who also nicely coordinated & guided us nicely in the application process.I shall surely recommend my friends & relatives the name ABHINAV ,if they wish to apply for the VISA.My overall experience with the ABHINAV IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT is very nice & I am completely satisfied with the services offered to me.


Pramod Pande
Thursday, October 04, 2012

Glad to inform that I have got the grant of the visa 190! The grant date is 2nd october. Thanks a lot for all the help - would not have been possible without your guidance. let me know in case of anything or any query. Will refer any people interested in going to Australia to you guys.


Kunal Singh
Thursday, October 04, 2012

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