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ABHINAV is one of the very few Immigration advisory companies in the world that has extensive experience in filing and processing client applications under the Quebec Skilled Worker program. A highly demanding program with differential qualifying criteria with a complex set of factors, this program requires understanding which comes only against experience in managing applications under the program.

We provide real value addition to each and every immigration application. We analyse and prepare the application as per individual needs. Our client`s files are accompanied by cover petitions that identify laws and reasons why our clients should be granted the visa. Where opted, we provide approved authorized services to our clients.

Our offices are company operated and managed. Our professionals are experienced with cumulative experience of over 100 years in Immigration and Visa industry. We have excellent and experienced network of international associates and service providers. Such enduring relationships ensure that we are updated and well-informed on the latest happenings and changes.

Almost 90% of the new business comes through client referrals which speak of the respect and reputation that our company enjoys. While very rare of our client`s applications are refused after filing, our consulting fee refund terms are client friendly and range from 50% to 100% in most cases. Filing an immigration application requires understanding of immigration laws, procedures and most importantly, their interpretation and implementation by officers and consulate staff. With experience and knowledge gained out of managing thousands of applications since 1994, ABHINAV is best suited to be the immigration and visa adviser for those seeking options for migration.

Our fee is reasonable and affordable. We have e-packages for servicing our clients located all across the world. In this age of Internet and e-commerce, we are able to service people irrespective of where they are based using well tried and trusted e-documents and forms guidance and checklist procedures. Using our well located regional network of offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad and associate offices in various immigration destinations, we are ideally placed to service your immigration mandate.

Accessibility to its top management starting with Ajay Sharma - Founder, Principal Consultant and Managing Director is the USP of the company. An Economist by profession and an immigration industry veteran since 1994, he is among most trusted and well respected immigration specialist in the world. He can always be reached out at

If you are hiring the services of a paid consultant for Immigration to Quebec, then such an immigration consultant must be an authorized representative. He must have been authorized by the Quebec Government. The Government of Quebec and related Quebec Immigration office will not deal with non-authorized representatives who are paid a consulting fee for their service.

It is important to note that services of Mr. Colin R Singer as an authorized representative is optional to our clients. For clients who wish to hire services of a professional who meets the requirements of being a recognized Quebec based authorized representative, an additional fee charge will be levied. If the option to take services of such an authorized representative offered by ABHINAV is not availed by a client, then following should be within knowledge of the clients not availing such services:

  1. All correspondence – to and from high commission – will be undertaken at the residential address provided by the client.
  2. ABHINAV as a company cannot represent the client’s interest in dealings with Various Government agencies.
  3. It goes without saying that even for such clients, ABHINAV can and will prepare the file as also guide on all documentation and forms preparation areas as also guide you through the entire Quebec process while application is being processed.

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