In a development which may further embarrass the British Government over its immigration policy, the ex Conservative minister, Peter Lilley, has reportedly labeled UK immigration rule 'racist'.  He attacked the UK immigration for permitting untrained employees from the European Union (EU) nations into the country while preventing the non-EU curry chefs from gaining admission into the nation, to offer their professional services, largely in the restaurants and eateries run by Indian and Bangladeshi people, on the Tier 2 Visas or some different visa class.

Lilley condemned the present UK immigration regulations, which allegedly enable a limitless figure of the white Europeans UK admission, though many of them may not have an employment offer. He reportedly proclaimed that many individuals, residing in ethnic minority societies across the nation, will cast their votes in the favor of 'Leave' in the upcoming referendum on June 23, 2016, believing that the same will make it rather easier to usher-in curry chefs from the non-EU nations.

Critical Observations

Allegedly, both sides battling for votes in the referendum on June 23 on whether the UK should exit the EU are making inflated assertions. The UK, in case it really wished to, could permit in non-EU curry chefs--whether or not it is a part of the EU.

Still, it could be the case that it may be fairly easier to convince the public to allow additional Curry Chefs, say, on the Tier 2 Visas, in case the nation is not any longer a part of the EU. Some politicians may dispute that if the UK was no longer in the EU, there would be less overseas movement from the EU, so making it more politically suitable to enable immigrants from somewhere else.

It is already achievable in some specific cases for the non-EU Curry Chefs to do a job in the country. But, it is not easy. Curry Chefs characteristically fail to get sufficient points under the Tier 2 Visa Points arrangement since their income is not very high. Numerous also lack pertinent qualifications which offers one points under the Tier 2 Visa points arrangement.

Sanctioning UK’s Xenophobic Immigration Strategy

Lilley reportedly launched a biting attack on Keith Vaz, the ex Europe minister, for deliberately approving the nation’s essentially racist immigration plan. His observations arrive post Vaz openly attacked the nation’s Employment Minister, Priti Patel, in the aftermath of the observations she reportedly made stating that there would be a curry catastrophe in the country in case voters chose to continue to be a part of the EU.

She--a rather strong supporter of the Leave operation--reportedly claimed that Brexit would facilitate London to get back the control of its immigration rules, and save British curry houses, as the rules--influenced by Brussels--play a key role in capping the figure of the Tier 2 Visas made available to skilled personnel from the non-EU nations.

For those who came in late, the government started the Tier 2 visa sponsorship licence arrangement way back in 2008, to further check and put a ceiling on immigration into the nation. The different firms of Britain require a Tier 2 Visa sponsorship licence to offer sponsorship and make use of the overseas manpower from outside of the EU on the Tier 2 Visas.

British Administration Rejects Curry Crisis Doubts

The incumbent British administration reportedly moved to dismiss Patel's curry crisis dread with the UK's Treasury Minister informing the parliamentarians that when it comes to UK immigration plan for those outside the EU plainly that is a matter for this administration and Government policy and for this House, and that will keep on being the case no matter what the result is on June 23.

Mr. Vaz reportedly maintained that Ms Patel's remarks were a cause for anxiety.  Lilley, reacting to Mr. Vaz’s observations reportedly responded that he was somewhat surprised that Vaz completely endorsed the deeply racist immigration policy one has in the UK now.


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