The government of Australia seems to be committed to not spare illegal migrants or visa stayers in the country or so it seems if we go by this report.

In a rather important development, the taskforce, established to uncover and deal with the alleged manipulation and abuse of the overseas manpower in Australia, has performed one of its biggest drives, involving more than 80 officials and 61 illegal employees.

The officials from the concerned organizations, namely, the Australian Border Force (ABF) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP), reportedly joined hands with the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) under Taskforce Cadena, to expose the alleged extensive abuse of the workers from abroad.

The ABF, along with help from the AFP, executed numerous warrants in a region south east of Melbourne on the farms, comprising one that supplies asparagus to a major supermarket chainof the nation.

In the course of the raids 400,000 dollars in cash was grabbed even while nearly 20 employees ran away into the nearby paddocks and fields. However, the officers chased and arrested them. The raid was the outcome of a six month long search by the Taskforce Cadena.

The concerned officers allegedly opine that several of the employees ran away with the reason being they had initially moved to the country on visas but had overstayed. While they are likely to be exiled from the nation, they are believed to be from the nations of Thailand Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Reportedly, the authorities also arrested those believed to be behind the extensive mistreatment and abuse of the labor force even while the concerned ABF assistant commissioner for investigations reportedly stated that every concerned body will keep on targeting those behind organizing the visa scam, prohibited work, and the manipulation of the nationals from out-of-the-country.

For those not tuned in, Taskforce Cadena is a joint agency brought into existence in June 2015,allegedly to target and upset those busy with organizing visa scam, unlawful work, and the mistreatment and abuse of the foreign personnel.

In the meanwhile, Peter Dutton, the incumbent Minister for Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), has reportedly praised the ABF and its associates on the successful drive and their vow to identifying synchronized unlawful foreign work activities and bringing curtains down on them.

Dutton stated that the administration will not allow the efforts to abuse the Australian visa arrangement or the susceptible people, and this is exactly why the Taskforce Cadena was brought into existence. He added that the note is pretty modest: in case one is mistreating employees, or in case he is in Oz, minus a legally valid visa, or in case he does a job in the violation of his visa terms &conditions, he will not be spared but apprehended.


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