Are you a skilled IT or Engineering professional and keen to offer your professional services abroad? If yes, you will be perhaps happy to know that it could be a rather good time to for you to explore employment opportunities in Australia.

Reportedly, presently, the recruiters/firms there in are finding it harder to discover skilled experts, vis-à-vis they were a year back--predominantly in the IT and Engineering fields.

So the present time is excellent for you to mull Australia immigration and take your career to the dizzying heights of professional glory.
As per the most recent global skills index from the well-known global recruiters Hays, at present, Oz is battling with a severe talent mismatch. It denotes that those submitting an application for skilled jobs lack the experience and qualifications required.

The report reveals that regardless of an existing bank of workers, recruiters/firms in the high skill industries can still find it fairly tough to fill jobs that necessitate exceedingly trained specialists.

Allegedly, recruiters/firms in some specific businesses--like, for instance, Life Sciences, Engineering, IT, Professional Services & Financial Services--have greater requirement for talent, vis-à-vis those in the low skill businesses.
In the backdrop of the fact that it takes time to carry out the training required to work in these specific businesses, it makes them more prone to skill famines since the figure of individuals, qualified to start work, cannot be changed speedily. And, it’s generating a scenario where in there is a high mismatch of talent.

The nation’s increase from 5.0 to 5.1 on the general index allegedly reveals bigger pressure in the job market, and it denotes that it is somewhat harder to get the right talent at present, in relation to it was a year back.

A total of 8.0 for wage pressure in the high skill businesses, unchanged since the year 2014, also puts forward that Down Under faces a serious scarcity of the extremely skilled talent in the high skill businesses since salaries in the high skill businesses are jumping much faster, in relation to those in the low skill segments.

It is also claimed that as the Australian economy productively undergoes a key change from the mining to the services segments the number of workers is rising, and market buoyancy is apparent even while the recruiters/firms report improved business movement.

Against this backdrop, one would expect proportionate salary pressure, but the recruiters/firms instead continue to be pretty cost alert. It remains to be found out for how long the said incongruity will continue. Already the turnover is improving, and the famine of extremely qualified aspirants in high skill businesses is resulting in wage pressure from the aspirants.

Summing-up, go for the kill! Your time starts now!


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