Several people are rather worried about the new Quebec clean-up movement against the immigrant investors. These detractors claim that the same offers a back door admission to the immigrants in the British Columbia (B.C.). Via doing it, it facilitates them trouble-free access to the housing market of the Metro Vancouver.

Stricter Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme (QIIP) Rules

As if taking a cue, the province has reportedly tightened its lasso over the immigrant investors even as the same is being done via toughening the QIIP regulations. The province has reportedly started unearthing the immigrants who have purchased BC property. Apart from this, candidates, with children going to school in the BC, are also being watched.

Question Mark on Immigrant Investors

  • In case you have a child attending a school in the B.C., and
  • In case you own a property in the B.C.

This could be a crystal clear symbol of difficulty for the possible Quebec immigrant investors. This is particularly true for those who don’t wish to start up a business in Quebec. Several well-off immigrants have been employing the easier Quebec immigration regulations to gain admission into the Canada housing market. At present, the Quebec Administration is refusing lots of immigrant investor aspirants who have a child in any BC university or own a BC property.

Well-heeled Immigrants Interested in Quebec Housing Market

Quebec has reportedly discovered that close-to 95% of the immigrant investors don’t reside in the province, post a time-frame of five years. The QIIP allows the overseas investors to arrive in the province. The simple condition is an investment of 800,000 Canadian Dollars via giving the money as a short term loan to the administration in exchange of the prized Permanent Residency (PR). So, countless immigrant investors allegedly move to the province just to shift to Canada lastly.


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