According to a report, the in-office Canada Immigration Minister John McCallum has stated that against the backdrop of the needs of some specific industries--facing a serious dearth of skilled workers, the aging populace-- Ottawa may boost the targets of the immigrants to be permitted in the nation.

The minister reportedly explained that he has been getting input from different businesses which had been asking him to allow more aliens into the nation, to bridge the skill shortage chasm or for demographic grounds, i.e., inaccessible regions to which the local Canadians are reluctant to move to.

McCallum pointed out that the government could think about fulfilling the requirement positively by November 2016 by when changes to the present immigration strategy would be declared.

Ottawa Could Set Historic Goal for Immigrants

This year 2016, hitherto, 160,000 migrants have reportedly been given the right to move to the country under the economic class even as about 80000 have been sent invites under the family stream. Taken as a whole, this year, 300,000 migrants are intended to be given the admission rights.

With a view to guarantee that the highest numbers of immigrants as designed are admitted, the ITA criteria also in the new draw has been liberalized even while the petitions, with greatly lower Comprehensive Ranking Score(CRS), were admitted.

Apart from Express Entry, a huge figure of immigrants under the Quebec Skilled worker Programme and the Provincial Nomination Programme are also being given entry. Even as the minister did not point out the planned increase in the figures, it is likely that the same could be well close to 400,000 given the big famine of skilled farm manpower in the Maple Leaf Country.

It makes perfect time for the probable immigrants to chart their immigration to Canada. In the past one has witnessed that the early candidates for Immigration get their petitions processed more rapidly.

So, in case you are one of the would-be immigrants, the present time is perfect for you to gear up and gather all your papers related to skills, education, net worth, and passport to make certain that when the new scheme is made public, you are in a position to present your application inside a few days.

In-demand Domains

Some of the fields that are in demand and the candidates from that fields may get immigration even sooner are:

  1. ICT Graduates: It’s is facing a sharp dearth of skilled engineers.
  2. Construction: Presently, there is a big need of trained engineers, Planners, architects and other associated experts against the backdrop of a large figure of infrastructure development missions just round the corner.
  3. Healthcare: It’s a new sector which is battling a big famine of labor force in the country. Numerous skilled Doctors, Nurses and day Care specialists for the aged are required.
  4. Accounting & Finance Experts: Processionals from the stream are needed to maintain the future industrial ventures in the nation.

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