A not-to-happy India has lately registered a formal complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against Washington DC, claiming that the decision of the US to increase the cost of the Temporary Work Visa, on the H1B and the L1 Visas, will negatively impact Indian IT firms in a rather big manner.

According to the available information, the American step will make Indian IT groups comparatively less aggressive and viable in the national market of the US with the reason being the Indian IT organizations will have no options except to take into service local manpower. Hence, the development will result in greater than before expenditure of operations for the Indian groups.

Every year, outsourcing companies produce roughly 120 billion dollars worth returns for India from impermanent hiring of labor force in the US companies from different segments.

As per the WTO announcement, India has claimed that such move is exceedingly not in agreement with the pledges by the US via treating individuals from India, professionally engaged in computer services fields, less positively, in relation to the American citizens.

New Delhi has sought pressing steps to be taken courtesy increased US Temporary Work Visa charges for overseas citizens and also for the restricted figure of jobs being accessible, courtesy the latest development. The concerned Indian authorities have reportedly declared that workers--particularly in the computer services--are being discriminated on the ground of their citizenship.

A combined total of 10 days are offered to the US for replying to the appeal even while the quarrel shall go the Dispute Settlement Body in case the involved countries fail to come to an acceptable accord.


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