If you are hiring services of an RCIC agent as your authorised representative, ICCRC has posted guidelines to identify the Fraudulent Immigration Consultants on their web-site ( The Immigration consultant you are planning to hire must meeting each of the requirements mentioned in the link. Those not meeting them or are found to be making misleading claims mentioned in the link are illegal and unlicensed Immigration Consultants. Do not fall prey to such unlicensed Immigration consultants and in fact, report them.

Checking out the RCIC agent and its association with the Indian company on ICCRC website

Step 1

If the name of the RCIC agent is mentioned on the website, countercheck the veracity of the claim at this Link :

Step 2

Type details of claimed RCIC agent (Surname, Name and Registration Number) provided on the website or otherwise during communications with your local immigration consultant.

Step 3

You will be routed to a page carrying the name of the claimed RCIC agent. Click the contact button next to the name.

Step 4

This is the ultimate test to decide whether the Indian company AND the RCIC agent has met all the requirements of ICCRC. After clicking the contact next to RCIC agent, the page that opens MUST show the name of the Indian company whose clients this RCIC agent is representing. If not, you should report this to ICCRC (, who will take required legal action against the RCIC agent. One thing that you must NOT do is to sign up and pay to the Indian company that is claiming representation with this RCIC agent. Requirements are not complete as per ICCRC guidelines and you are taking services of a Ghost Consultant.

For example, in case of ABHINAV, Mr. Harit Kapahi is the RCIC agent who represents our clients. On visiting ICCRC website and conducting a search for Mr. Harit Kapahi RCIC (R533671) on above lines, you will get link to his name and also you the full name of Abhinav Immigration Services Private Limited.

Harit Kapahi, RCIC (R533671). Authorized Representative for ABHINAV clients

Mr. Harit Kapahi is the Official Authorized Representative for Abhinav Immigration Services. He is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. He is a member in good standing with The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). By joining hands with Abhinav, Mr. Kapahi provides required representation support to the individuals, families and companies towards obtaining various permanent and temporary visas such as Federal Skilled Immigration under Express Entry Program, PNP Applications, fiancé, Super Visa for parents, Student, Trainee, Entrepreneur, Start-Up and Employment - among various other categories.

Experience and Qualifications

Mr. Kapahi had pursued various courses from India and Canada to progress further in his career and education:

  1. Immigration Consultant Diploma from Academy of Learning College.
  2. Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) from Worldwide ERC.
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Process Management from Sheridan College.
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad.

Mr. Kapahi has demonstrative experience of delivering his excellence with Immigration New Zealand - from 2002 to 2013 - in various capacities. Before becoming an RCIC agent, he has worked with following reputed firms in Canada.

  1. ICC Group of Companies, where he was responsible for servicing all categories of Canadian Immigration applications.
  2. Fragomen, one of the world’s largest international immigration firm, where he dealt with LMIA applications, Intra-company transfer applications under NAFTA and GATS for Director/Executive level clients.

In Canada Immigration Consulting business since 1994, Abhinav’s clients had the privilege – in the past - to be officially represented by the Experienced RCIC Agents and Attorneys like Rhonda Williams and Yvon Guerin. They have dedicatedly worked on the application, provided strategic support and liaison with the immigration authorities.

Currently, Mr, Harit Kapahi, RCIC (R533671) represents Company’s entire clients who are enrolled for Canada Immigration through RCIC, other agencies and stakeholders in Canada.

Disclosure related to Mr. Yvon Guerin, RCIC (R411407) - Deceased

Mr. Yvon Guerin, RCIC (R411407), was associated with the company for many years. In November 2016, Mr. Yvon Guerin was penalized through issuance of a reprimand by ICCRC. The reprimand recorded that

  1. Ajay Sharma is the official agent in India and an associate of Mr. Yvon Guerin, RCIC
  2. Name of Mr. Ajay Sharma or the company “Abhinav Outsourcings private Limited” as an agent of the RCIC member should have been reported by Mr. Yvon Guerin to ICCRC and not doing so was a breach of regulations.
  3. Post reprimand, Mr. Yvon Guerin completed required PME course.
  4. The reprimand stayed on ICCRC website for one year and was withdrawn towards end of 2017.
  5. The correct procedural steps were immediately taken by Mr. Yvon Guerin, RCIC and name of Abhinav as his agent stayed at ICCRC website right through his tenure as the member and until his sad demise on account of old age issues in March, 2019.
  6. In current context, the reprimand is an outdated document related to a deceased ICCRC member and carries no relevance.
  7. Through the association with Abhinav – including the one-year period of reprimand – the registration of Mr. Yvon Guerin with ICCRC continued to be valid and he met the requirements of being an authorized representative of Abhinav, right till his sad demise.

With ABHINAV, you get services of an Immigration consultant - in business since 1994 - that meets all the ICCRC requirements. What is more, you get world class services of an experienced team of close to 200 at a highly affordable fee. Your search for an experienced, credible and trusted Immigration consultant ends with ABHINAV.

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