Australia allegedly makes visitors wanted in the nation and they feel at home there in. According to a report, based on the first large scale study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, on the experience of humanitarian immigrants in the nation, the enormous mass have experienced welcomed only to settle nicely into their new life in the nation.

Down Under reportedly takes a great deal of pride in itself for being a diverse country with people from throughout the world shifting to the nation, to do a job and reside. However, it is also a nation, where those searching for asylum, may start afresh and make a new beginning.

Despite the fact that, as with several nations, there has been widespread hullabaloo over the manner refugees are duly accepted and taken care of, the revolutionary research on the settlement of the humanitarian migrants discloses further about their experience.

As per the report, between 80% and 90% respondents stated that their experience of settling into Down Under has been either pretty “good” or “very good”, and just 5% had experienced any kind of favoritism and prejudice.

As per a concerned person, the conclusions of the research emphasize the pretty complex lives & diverse variety of experiences of the humanitarian migrants.

Reportedly, the study involved 1000s of migrants between 15 years and 80-plus years, from as many as 35 nations, and this include the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and reveals how weak they were when they landed in Oz.

Several had moderately low levels of English or education before their influx in the Kangaroo Land, and the bulk also reported either they or their family members had experienced harrowing events, including war, harassment, etc.

However, they are more than keen to become a part of their new home nation, and the research reports a good uptake of the English language classes & progress in English skills, improvement in health, and that they experienced a sense of being in the right place, and being given a red-carpet welcome in Down Under.

Roughly 70% of fresh arrivals are either doing a job or pursuing studies--largely to gain English language skills. Still, several have fought to find accommodation with 40% claiming it was hard, and an additional 35% asserting the same was incredibly difficult, chiefly due to the price, language hurdles, or not having references.

Nearly 33% of migrants had shifted several times and approximately 50% reported their present lodging condition was either a short-term lease or impermanent. Almost one quarter reportedly stated they were facing several problems or stresses and roughly the identical figure stated they were “not coping well”.

Roughly 50% reported having had family in Oz when they landed in the country, and 24% had friends from where they resided while more or less 50% of the migrants were cooling their heels to reunite with family presently in a different nation.


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