It is no secret that Australia is a leading global destination for professional persons to shift to. However, finding a permanent job may eventually become rather harder.

As per a new study more and more recruiters/job-providers are providing employment opportunities in the country on an impermanent, part time, and contract basis even as the likelihood of the trend continuing is fairly high. So, if you are keen to immigrate to Australia, for work purposes, the present time is perfect. Make hay while the sun shines!

Coming back to the study report, the most recent statistics from the well-known recruitment biggie Hays reportedly shows that 21% of the companies will boost their employment of impermanent & contract personnel over the next year, and 23% currently utilize impermanent and contract employees on a normal continuing basis.

The figure of impermanent and contract jobs will keep on heading north in the coming year, as per Hays, which has done a study of the statistics from its 2016 salary guide even while it is openings in IT, engineering and accounting, all well-liked by the would be migrants, that are probable to witness the principal change.

The biggest increases in provisional and contract job figures is expected to be in the engineering departments where in 31% of the recruiters/job-providers intend to improve their utilization of such workers, only to be duly pursued by IT with a predictable improvement of 29%.

The employment of temporary and contract personnel is expected to improve by 20% in both HR & sales, by 22% in distribution, by 23% in both operational management and purchasing/procurement, and by 25% in project management.

In the meantime, 15% of the recruiters/firms in accountancy and finance, and 10% of marketing departments reportedly stated that they will augment their utilization of impermanent workforce and contractors.

The manual also exhibits that even as 31% of the recruiters/firms by no means or not often utilize temporary manpower and contractors, 46% do so for special schemes or workloads, and the remaining 23% utilize them on a standard continuing basis.

Sharing more information on the issue the incumbent Managing Director (MD) of Hays in Australia and New Zealand reportedly stated that in the recent years, temporaries & contractors have been utilized principally to proffer headcount flexibility. However, these days, they are sought to be part of and prop-up an existing group, work on ventures, and to add specific skill to a section.

He added that against the backdrop of the famine of the exceedingly trained professionals and rising business action, temporaries and contractors will positively witness a greater requirement for their skills in the coming year.

He also reportedly indicated that the candidates considering an impermanent or contract responsibility require being a specialist in their chosen domain with the capability to work hard and fruitfully straight away.


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