Australia – the land of opportunities nurturing the skilled workforce with 11th highest GDP per capita across the globe.

Have your ever thought of moving to Australia? Well the big news is coming your way – Australia is preparing to boost the employment sector by providing ample opportunities in the coming years. The key decision is taken to diminish the diminutive unemployment rate and propel the progressive economic boost by the next 5 years.

Here is an interesting fact for you - Australia has become one of the forerunners in granting Australia Permanent Residency Visa to the skilled workers with a total of 245,400 immigrants by June 30, 2017 which is a giant leap of 27 % from the last year.

Australia’s Employment Statistics:

Key Stats

  • In 2018, Australia has touchdown the lowest unemployment rate 5.2% with National Average Weekly Earnings of $1,586.20 and an Economic Growth rate of 3.4% (Reserve Bank of Australia 2018).
  • In addition to that, Inflation is relatively stable at approx. 3% with the GDP $917 billion coupled with the growth of around 2%.
  • Interest rates have reduced by the Australian banks at around 4% at the outset of the European Recession and its impact on Australia.
  • As per The Department of Jobs and Small Business, an increase of 886,100 (or 7.1 per cent) in total employment is expected in coming five years by May 2023. The long-term structural shift in the employment towards services industries is projected to continue over the next five years.

For those who are looking to Apply for Australian Visa, the aforementioned parameters can help you in understanding the key areas for choosing Australia as their primary destination.

The Key Factors:

As per the recent statistics and speculations, below is the extract of occupations from occupation list Australia defining the largest contributor to employment growth:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance is projected (increase by 250,300)
  • Construction (118,800)
  • Education and Training (113,000)
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (106,600).

Combining all the fours industries are expected to deliver almost two-thirds (or 66.4 per cent) of total employment growth over the five years by May 2023. And with this decision, Australia is all charged to make the positive impact on the growth in the coming 20 years backed by a growing population and gateway proximity to the future Global Economic Leaders of the trio India, China and Japan.

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