As per a new report, the Australian Government’s widely reported assessment and public consultation on the matters influencing the Working Holiday Maker visa holders is well in progress with a declaration pledged prior to close of 2016.

While it is compulsory that the public submissions be made latest by September 02, the evaluation’s results will reportedly become effective from January 01, next year when the same is recommended that the tax system for the Working Holiday Makers will be amended.

The appraisal into a vast choice of matters having an effect on the supply and taxation of the work done by the holders of the Working Holiday Maker Visa came, post several recruiters-- predominantly those in the agriculture and hospitality segment--expressed their worries that the alleged backpacker tax would severely discourage young people from moving to the country and doing a job while they are there in.

According to a concerned Australian minister, the evaluation is indispensable to guarantying the administration’s policy settings keep on fulfilling the rising requirement for flexible labour--mainly in the rural and regional areas of the nation.

Though the minister reportedly substantiated that the review’s results will be made public prior to January 2017, some detractors indicate that young individuals will be busy making plans unaware of the exact tax they could be required to pay in case they move to Oz on a Working Holiday Visa.

Significantly, there has been widespread society interest in the supply and taxation of the holders of the Working Holiday Visa, especially in the planned tax rate of 32.5% for the non-resident 417 and 462 Visa holders.

At present, the law considers the temporary Working Holiday Makers as non-residents for the objects of taxation, in the process, making them responsible for 32.5% tax from their initial dollar received. Under the 2015-16 Budget step, the majority of the Working Holiday Makers would not be any more in a position to use the tax-free threshold.

As per the minister, it is a rather difficult subject that goes further than the tax rate for the individual visa holders. He stated that Canberra knows that the Working Holiday Makers are a very important source of the workers throughout the country. It is by the same token crucial that they pay a just level of tax while they are in the country.

The evaluation will think about the relative global competitiveness, visa labour requirements of the agricultural & tourism segments, applicable unemployment plans, tax treatments for the holders of the visa, and also the safeguards for the defenseless labor force.

The Working Holiday Maker Scheme has become incredibly accepted and well liked. During 2001-2002, nearly 85,207 visas were offered, swelling to 115,484 during 2005-2006, afterward 222,992 during 2011-2012, and further increasing to 226,812 during 2014-2015.


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