As per AIMIA--which is the Digital Industry Association of Australia even as it represents a chain of digital bodies--the nation’s migrant digital manpower has a 10 times higher percentage of 457 Visa holders, vis-à-vis the Australian average. The findings, which arrive from an AIMIA salary survey, reportedly reveal that 10% of the country’s digital business personnel have a migrant visa.

The association discovered the migrant manpower across the digital segment to be decisively more than the 1% average across other businesses.

Australian Visas Required To Assist With STEM Skills Famines

According to some observers, the study, which surveyed 507 digital workers, further corroborates the problems Down Under has in generating sufficient people having Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) expertise.

Allegedly, it's apparent that there is a major skills gap inside several regions of the digital, media and marketing setting even while the high percentage of the 457 Visa holders, inside the digital business, shows the pressing requirement for 'ready-made' trained managers.

Apart from offering verification that 457 Visa holders are filling skills openings, the study further disclosed that the skills scarcity had led to increased movement among the digital employees. As per the survey results, 87% of experts in Melbourne, and 83% in Sydney, would mull over changing recruiter/firm, in relation to 65% nationwide.

The skills opening has also played its role in aiding digital labor force to take home a good average income—while AUS$101,000 for men, AUS$85,000 for women. As per the study, the gender pay space across the digital segment is a little better at 15%, in comparison with the national average of 17.62%.

Growing Figure Of 457 Visa Holders Across Digital Segment

For those who came in late, the Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (subcategory 457) enables recruiters/firms to engage nationals from abroad for a time-frame of a maximum of 4 years--typically to deal with skills famines. Over the past couple of years, the marketing and digital segments of Australia have become more dependent on overseas employees to manage the abovementioned skills famines.

But, the concerned people are rather careful about the overuse of the 457 Visa holders to address skills dearth across the digital and marketing businesses. Allegedly, there is noteworthy opening for both recruiters/firms and workers equally to develop and take care of the local talent with a view to keep on driving innovation inside the Australian digital business and encourage the coming generation of digital managers.

The most recent statistics on 457 Visas offered reveals skilled Developer Programmers are the single biggest profession falling under the 457 Visa Plan. And, New South Wales (NSW) is the most accepted region in the Kangaroo Land for the 457 Visa holders, with Indian people being the most expected to utilize the 457 Visa.


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