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Workplace Relations Adviser, Building And Maintaining Healthy Relations

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Job description

Disputes often arise in a workplace. The main task of a workplace relations adviser is to settle these disputes. You should be well aware of dispute-resolving methods like negotiation and mediation. You should be ready to work under stressful conditions and patient enough to deal with upset and angry people. Another fact is that you should not be adamant about working only during the working hours, because solving a dispute might take longer than that. You should be ready to listen to the parties and also to talk with those helping them understand the situation clearly from all perspectives. Always, your aim should be to bring the parties to a mutual agreement. You have to help writing the agreement for the parties to sign. You have to organize occasional union meetings.

Everything you need to know about the program eligibility

This occupation comes under the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation list and in the RSMS occupation list while it is not under the Skilled Occupation list. The persons who want to pursue this career are eligible for migration under Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) and Points Based Skilled Migration visa. The applicants should obtain the pass mark so as to get the points based skilled migration visa. Even if the pass mark is not obtained, if you have the pool mark, there are chances that you might get qualified. If you do not get qualified, you can apply for ENS. You can apply for this visa if you are nominated by an approved Australian employer; you are not yet 50 years of age and make the skill, qualification and English language requirements.

Have the skill? What about the qualification?

The qualification requirement includes thorough knowledge in the human resource and workplace relations field. This can be acquired by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in this field. It can also be developed by taking separate coaching classes in this field if your bachelor’s degree is in any other subjects. The basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification. You should also have good communication skills and knowledge in English. Experience in working as workplace relations adviser is also important. Relevant experiences are considered as the formal qualification along with the bachelor’s degree in some instances. Similarly, 5 years of experience can act as substitute for the formal qualification.

Get your skills assessed

When the availability of the job is considered, it comes under the category of high availability. Anyway, it requires some additional qualifications. Skill assessment programs are also conducted by the national authorities. There are particular assessment authorities for each job and yours is Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services. But, that depends on the visa subclass you holds. Only certain visa subclasses need the assessment and since that is the case, you have to make sure whether you would need it or not.

Licensing and registration

You would require licensing or registration by the local authority for some of the jobs. You have to contact with the local authority to know about your licensing and registration.

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