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Planning and policy making is important part of any business. This niche has created many opportunities among professionals. There are many opportunities in Australia especially for the skilled and experienced professionals in this sector. To grab these amazing opportunities one need to immigrate to Australia. Many Indians nowadays are immigrating to Australia and making a lot from these opportunities.

Unit group 132411-Policy and planning managers organize, plan, control, direct and coordinate policy advice and plans strategy within organization. Policy and planning manager has level appropriate for a higher qualification and bachelor degree. Minimum 5 year of experience can substitute the required formal qualification in this occupation.

This occupation was previously referred as 1291-11 policy and planning. Applicants under this occupation are eligible for skilled migration under some programs that are as follows- regional sponsored migration scheme, point based skilled migration visa, employer nomination scheme, temporary business (long stay).

Information of each occupation on skill level is consistent with the ANZSCO- Australian and NEW Zealand Standard classification of occupation. This may be different from the requirement set by assessment authorities for obtaining skill assessment.

Task include-

  • Implementing, developing, and monitoring strategic programs, plans, policy, system, process and procedure, to achieve work standards, objectives and goals.
  • Implementing, developing, participating, administrating in policy research and analysis.
  • Coordinating implementation of the policy and practices.
  • To establish activity measures and measurement of accountability.
  • Participation in development of policy reports and documents.
  • To provide expert advice to bureaucrats and board members on policy, legislative issues and programs.
  • Representing the organization at convention and in negotiation, seminars, forums and public hearing convened to discuss policy issue.

Only skill assessment is required for some certain subclasses visa in skilled migration program. Under general skilled migration program some occupation may only available for territory and state government agencies nomination. Before migrating to Australia as skilled migrant applicants are required to have skill assessment by relevant national authority. The assessment authority for this occupation is VETASSESS- Vocational Education and Training Assessment services.

VETASSESS is the Australia’s one of the leading vocational educational and training assessment provider. They help industry group, training providers and individual to achieve learning and assessment of goal.

If applicant want to gain points for the qualification or for work experience in the nominated occupation then he/she should forward all necessary documents to the skill assessing authorities. On the base of the documents, assessing authority will provide advice to department of immigration and citizenship on work experience and on qualification. The immigration department will consider authority’s advice while awarding points to applicant’s work experience and qualification.

In many occupation applicant must registered with or must obtain a license from authority in the territory and state or government agencies in which he/she want to practice the occupation. Applicants are required to contact local territory or state authority to inquire about registration and license requirement.

Applicant may be benefit for becoming member of industrial association for the occupation. This will help applicant with employment, contract, networking, and prospect, with professional and industrial development and will provide important support and information.

Personal requirements-

  • Good oral and written communication
  • Good aptitude for work with computers
  • Interest in research
  • Able to collate and analyses information
  • Excellent sound judgment and negotiation skills
  • Able to thing strategically
  • Ability to work as part of team
  • Ability to manage complex and large work load


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