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Migrate to Australia as a Travel Agency Manager

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Travel Agency manager is designated to control the overall affairs of a travel agency. The occupation is quite demanding as it requires a lot of innovative ideas to impress different kinds of tourists with varied interests. However, the occupation is very much rewarding with a lot of perks associated with the hard work put in.

Australia is a great place to further career as Travel Agency manager if one is able to take high stress, and has a good sense of situational handling skills, owing to varied tastes of travelers, &, the constant inflow of their unique demands.

What skills

Basic bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite but ample industry experience is also required. Prior to migrating to Australia as a skilled migrant, a Travel Agency manager must have the skills assessed by the relevant national assessment authority. The assessment authority for his occupation is VETASSESS. Travel Agency manager has to provide relevant documents to the nodal assessing authority of VETASSES. There are various immigration programs one can apply for, and in many occupations including Travel Agency manager, it is necessary to apply for the local license before practice.

The occupation of Travel Agency manager matches skill with an AQF Associate Degree, Advanced Diploma or Diploma. Minimum three years of appropriate experience may be the alternative to the formal qualifications mentioned above. In some cases or situations, relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be needed along with the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 2). The demands of the job may be high but the rewards commensurate with usually high end salaries and attractive perks.

The demands of the job may be high but the rewards commensurate with usually high end salaries and attractive perks.

The website of the Australian Bureau of Statistics provides appropriate details and guidelines towards migration programs of all the occupations including that of Travel Agency manager.

What Travel Agency managers do?

The job involves taking active part in the running and administration of the travel agency. Travel Agency managers have to manage the day to day operations with ample amount of planning, studying feasibility and then implementing the travel & tourism programs. They should be able to delegate the work efficiently to the department managers.

Some of the day to day duties involved are

  • Supervising the overall operation of the business
  • Helping in budgets
  • Problem solving like being alert for any obsolete travel & tour related programs
  • Formulating and implementing certain plans & proposals on a regular basis
  • Keeping a tab of financial matters
  • Advising in facility upgrade
  • Representing the agency and negotiating on its behalf
  • Managing staff and delegating responsibilities, etc.

Available options for migration

Eligible candidates willing to migrate to Australia have certain options to pick up. These options are available in the form of programs that include Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), Points Based Skilled Migration visa, Temporary Business (Long Stay).

In certain migration processes, under the skilled migration program, sometimes the applicants may have to go through skills assessment process by the concerned authority. In case of Travel agency managers, the assessing authority lies with the VETASSESS.


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