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Working as Regional Education Manager in Australia

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For today’s generation immigration has become one of the most lucrative options of earning the salary perks they want. That is why more and more qualified individuals from India and other developing countries are trying hard to enter into foreign land of Australia or Canada through immigration program.

Australia on the other hand has been looking for qualified labor for boosting its economic and industrial growth. And so as to give more pace to its immigration program, it has come up with a list of specialized occupation and requirements in detail for applying under that particular occupation. The Australian Skills Recognition Information elaborately enlightens you on all aspects of requirements under particular occupation.

Regional Education Manager – 134412 is a specialized occupation which was earlier known as 1293-15 Regional Education Manager. For applying under this occupation you are required to meet the job profile and skill level criteria as mentioned in the ASRI.

Job profile and skill level required

As a Regional Education Manager you will be asked to direct, plan, organize, control and coordinate the educational policy and related approaches, development and curriculum resources for preschool primary, intermediate or middle school and secondary school, polytechnic teachers, TAFE and administrators.

The skill level required is equal to a bachelor degree or higher degree. Minimum five years of experience is considered as substitute in case the applicant lacks the formal education. But in cases where along with relevant experience some specialized skills are required, the applicant is expected to have on-job-training along with formal qualification as per ANZSCO Skill Level 1.

Skill assessment from the authority

Each occupation has varying requisites and hence an applicant should make a detailed study about the exact requirements of the occupation under which he is applying. Certain subclass visas require the skills to be assessed by the skills assessment authority. If your occupation of Regional Education Manger comes under the subclass visa then, you would be needed to get your skills assessed from the Vocational Education and Training Assessment authority.

One of the greatest advantages of getting your profile assessed is that if the authorities find your profile to be good, they advise the immigration department regarding it. This can contribute in increased scores in the point system. But for this your profile must be up to date and the application should carry all the additional qualification and experience you possess.

Surplus qualification and experience is given good amount of significance during the assessment process and also while giving points. But to understand all such requirements and more you need someone who knows all the intricacies of Australian immigration law like a back of his hand. This is where an immigration consultant can be of great help.

But never select anyone who offers to help you on upfront cash payment. Rather approach a registered and reputed immigration consultant like Abhinav Outsourcing who has long years of experience and good tie-ups with the concerned immigration officials. This will ensure that your dreams of getting into Australia are fulfilled.

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