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Australia is a great place to further career as Corporate Service Manager if one is able to take high stress and has good sense of problem solving.

The demands of the job may be high but the rewards commensurate with usually high end salaries.

What Corporate Service Managers Do

The job description involves taking active part in the running and administration of the corporate house. CSMs have to manage the day to day operations with ample amount of planning, studying feasibility and then implementing the programs. They should be able to delegate the work efficiently to the department managers.

Some of the day to day duties involved are

  • Supervising the overall operation of the business
  • Helping in budgets
  • Problem solving
  • Developing and implementing rules and policies
  • Keeping a tab of financial matters
  • Advising in facility upgrade
  • Preparing reports
  • Representing the corporation and negotiating on its behalf
  • Managing staff, training them and delegating responsibilities etc

Skills required

For this job at least a bachelor’s degree of higher qualification is required. In some cases five years of industry experience may compensate for lesser education. However, it is always better to start by fulfilling required educational eligibility.

Having great communications skills and being financial savvy is a must for this profile.

One should have a knack of handling extreme pressure and be quick in problem solving.


Eligible applicants can seek various skilled migration programs. These programs include Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), Points Based Skilled Migration visa, Temporary Business (Long Stay)

In certain visa sub class under the skilled migration program, applicants may have to go through skills assessment by the relevant authority. In case of corporate service managers, the assessing authority lies with the Australian Institute of Management.

To claim points for experience and qualifications, etc. one has to submit relevant documents as proof to the assessing authority. The authority will then examine the documents and give advice to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship which will then give the points accordingly.

There are certain licenses and registrations required to practice many occupations. One has to get the required licenses from local or state authorities before starting practice.

Be a part of Professional associations

It is also advisable to become a part of professional associations in the relevant industry.

This may provide vital support base for finding employment, developing network, making new contacts etc.

Some of the associations to look up to are

Australian Institute of Management

Institute of Management Consultants

Australian institute of Office Professionals

Salary and employment trends

Salary vary according to skills and experience but the starting salary could be in the range of AUD 129,000 P/A and the average salary coming to around AUD 175,000 P/A. Average working hours are about 40 in a week.

Employment for Corporate service managers has declined in recent years but it is projected to be stable for the next five years.

Victoria, NSW and Queensland are some of the leading states with employment opportunities in this sector.

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