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Immigrate to Australia as an Occupational Health and Safety Advisor 251312

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Are you a qualified Occupational Health and Safety Advisor, and keen to work overseas? If YES, you would be possibly glad to know that Australia requires accomplished professionals like you even as your profession finds due mention in the Australian & New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) 251312.

You could make the grade for a lower needed pass mark in your points-structure work permit evaluation, and for priority processing, to fast-track your petition filed for work permit.

Expertise Level

This profession has a level of expertise which is proportionate with a Bachelor Degree or superior qualification. Not less than 5 years of germane experience may replace the prescribed qualification. In certain cases--apart from the prescribed qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1)--applicable experience, and/or first-hand training, could be required.

Program Eligibility

The candidates in this profession could be entitled for skilled movement, via the below given visa schemes: Temporary Business (Long Stay) (Subcategory 457), Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), Points Based Skilled Migration visa, & Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS).

What Occupational Health and Safety Advisor Does

Among others he:

  • Builds-up, applies & studies plans related to environmental health administration, and work-related wellbeing & safety;
  • Arranges and puts into practice plans & tactics for the safe, economic & fitting disposal of business, business, medical & family wastes;
  • Offers advise on and implements legislation, executes deterrence schemes & policies for communicable diseases, food safety, waste water management & disposal arrangements, recreation and domestic water quality, contaminated & dangerous products, and reduces pollution involving sea, water & noise pollution, to make health outcomes better;
  • Spots dangers, and reviews & manages risks at the work stations;
  • Encourages ergonomic codes at the work station, like matching furniture, equipment and work activities to the requirements of the workers;
  • Checks and assesses workplaces, procedures, plant, and chemical and physical risks for governmental observance;
  • Builds-up, implements and keeps an eye on the programs reducing workplace and ecological pollution involving physical & chemical hazards;
  • Registers & probes injuries and tools damage, and brings to the notice safety performance;
  • Offers training to workers in personal protective equipment & secure working modus operandi; and
  • Synchronizes the return of injured workers back to the work station;

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