ABHINAV does not offer consultancy on student visas/ overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.

599112 legal executive acts for and on behalf of clients in the area company, business law, property transfer, wills, trusts, probate and litigation under the general supervision of solicitor or barrister. In this occupation licensing or registration may be required.

Skill requirement

Legal executive has a level of skill that commensurate with an advance diploma, AQF associate degree, or diploma. Minimum 3 years of experience can substitute the required formal qualification. In some instance relevant job training or experience may require in addition to required formal qualification.

Information for each occupation on the level of skill is consistent with ANZSCO- Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation. It may be different from the requirement set by the assessment authorities for skill assessment. For your nominated occupation please contact relevant assessing authority to check the requirements.


Under this occupation applicant is eligible for skilled migration under following programs- ENS: employer nomination scheme, RSMS: regional sponsored migration scheme, point based skilled migration visa, temporary business.

Skill assessment is required only for some certain visa subclasses in the skilled migration program. Before contacting assessing authority applicants are required to check whether skill assessment is required or not for visa subclass they are interested in and want to apply for. In general skilled migration program some occupations may only available for territory and state government agency.


  • Examining, advising and preparing contract of sale for business and property
  • Contacting government authority to find out about any illegal building work, planned development, and disputes could affect business and property
  • Examining, advising, and preparing on mortgage document
  • Analyzing, interpreting and preparing variety of legal documents
  • To maintain legal files
  • Supervise legal secretary and law clerk and takes the responsibility of their work
  • Negotiating conditions and terms of, and exchanging, paying deposit, contract of sale, arranging payment of stamp duty checking for land tax obligation and outstanding arrears
  • Confer with clients and draw up statements and potential witness and proposed affidavit in preparation of court proceeding.
Skill assessment authority

Before applicant migrates to Australia as skill migrant he/she must have skill assessment by national assessment authority. The assessing authority for legal executive is VETASSESS.

If applicant wants to gain points on work experience and qualification in closely related or nominated occupation then he/she should submit all the relevant and required documents to the assessment authority. Assessment authority will provide advice on the basis of provided documents to the department of immigration and citizenship. The department of immigration and citizenship will consider this advice while awarding points to applicants on work experience and qualification.

Registration or licensing

In many occupation applicant must be registered with or obtain license from local authority of state or territory where applicant is interested in practicing his/her occupation. Contact relevant territory or state government to inquire about registration and licensing requirement.

Applicant may benefit from becoming a member of industrial association for the occupation. This will help applicant with employment contact, network, and prospect, with professional and industrial development and may provide applicant important support and information.

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