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How ASRI defines 232311 Fashion Designer on the occupations list

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A fashion designer now gets a chance to have an occupation in Australia under the code 232311 Fashion Designer!

What really makes this an opportunity is that the occupation belongs to the General Skilled category and demands a good expertise on the subject i.e. Fashion Designing. This also opens gate to the intending immigrants across the world who couldn’t utilize their potential for the skills being a little short to technical. With a mention of Fashion Designer on the CSOL ‘Consolidated Skilled Occupation List’, Australia also lives up to its image of a dream destination on employment. Contrary to what other countries observe on skilled immigration, Australia makes sure that even the general skills category is given a good attention.

ANZSCO ‘Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations’ defines the occupation 232311 Fashion Designer as:-

A professional who brings in new thoughts, creativity and ideas to the world of fashion designing. The person is expected to produce innovative new designs to mark a fashion statement as identity for the firm.

The occupation has been put under the General Skilled category that requires the professional to conceptualize, create and analyze a given task though a judicious application of theoretical knowledge and practical application in the field of media, arts, business, transport, education, engineering, health, information and communications technology. As a Fashion Designer the person is expected to make creations and introduce new dimensions on the area of expertise.

ANZSCO gives a 2 tier classification of the occupations:-

Skill level 1: The immigrant should have a Bachelor Degree or 5 years of relevant experience to commensurate skills on occupation Skill level 2: The immigrant should have an AQF / Advanced Diploma or 3 years of relevant experience to commensurate skills on occupation

232311 Fashion Designer ranks at Skill level 1 on ANZSCO classification. ASRI ‘Australian Skills Recognition Information’ makes an addition and suggests that an On-the-job training should add to the competencies of the professional. Similarly, an advanced diploma and relevant exposure should produce good results on the workplace.

On the immigration front, one must place the application under any of the 3 visa programs which are:-

  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)
  • Standard Business Sponsorship (subclass 457)

As is suggested by a good many immigrants, a Regional Sponsorship should be the most appropriate avenue on immigration. A State Nomination / Regional Representation should make sure that the application gets a faster processing and also gets an addition of 5 points to the total cumulative score. ASRI also makes a recommendation on having an assessment of the profile by a national level authority such as VETASSESS ‘Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services’.

However, prior to the submission the immigrant need to make an EOI ‘Expression of Interest’ on Skillselect followed by a declaration on academic qualification, experience, abilities and adaptability. A positive assessment of this criterion should promptly get you a visa for 232311 Fashion Designer.

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