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225213 ICT Sales Representative as an occupation under General Skilled Class

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One of the biggest benefits of CSOL ‘Consolidated Skilled Occupation List’ is that one gets to apply for occupations under general skilled class!

225213 ICT Sales Representative being one of these!

In most nations the emphasis is on having a skilled immigrant under a technical requirement. The occupations on Engineering and Medicine have so overshadowed the other fields that hardly do we see opportunities under General Skilled class. Australia gives us an exception. The present listing of CSOL enlists 225213 ICT Sales Representative as one such occupation.

ASRI ‘Australian Skills Recognition Information’ gives a more specific classification of such jobs under the General Skilled Category.

As a Sales Representative, the professional is supposed to generate sales in ICT by way of an efficient sales planning, coordination, information exchange, communication and market research. One must show capabilities on producing orders by a positive promotion of products and services in the market thereby increasing the overall market share.

The main intention of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship with such a listing is to make sure that the global expertise on varied fields reaches the ground application in Australia. The application areas are so widely chosen that even Arts and Media feature among social sciences, engineering, information exchange, communication, management, finance, sales, law, transport and even education. The applicants under the General Skilled class are therefore having a good opportunity to avail visa under their own set of general skills.

ASRI ‘Australian Skills Recognition Information’ goes on to suggest eligibility criteria to suit the occupation:-

  • Bachelor Degree / Advanced Diploma
  • 5 years of relevant experience (ANZSCO skill level 1) / 3 years of relevant experience (ANZSCO skill level 2)
  • AQF Associate Degree or an Advanced Diploma to match specifications on the job
  • On-job-training to address the technicalities of the job
  • Interest, initiative and ability on occupations on Arts and Media

A promising aspect of the CSOL ‘Consolidated Skilled Occupation List’ is that it produces a list of available jobs based on a comprehensive review of the economy. The occupation of a 225213 ICT Sales representative goes on to testify the abilities of a skilled immigrant to produce an impact on to the market. The individual is supposed to utilize existing methodologies on sales management and principles to promote products in the market. The professional obligations do also include market research, competitive analysis, customer profiling, customer segmentation, market identification and communication.

An advice from other successful immigrants shows that an application under skilled immigrant category can be placed under 3 visa programs i.e.

  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)
  • Standard Business Sponsorship (subclass 457)

Placing an application under the Regional Migration Scheme is observed to have produced better results as the State Nomination brings-in an addition of 5 points on Skillselect. An application under the said category is also given a prioritized processing on job allotment.

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