ABHINAV does not offer consultancy on student visas/ overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.

223311 Training and Development Professional takes the responsibility of not only evaluating and training and developing the programmes for skill management, but makes sure that the corresponding amongst the trainees during the time of training helps in brushing their skill competencies too. However to face this professional training and study of training and development, one needs to have bachelor degree and higher qualification followed by minimum of 5 years of relevant experience. In some instances during the job training, as project work, one might have to acquire some relevant experience, but altogether with a new approach. This whole process eventually augments the skill level of the candidate. These are however the first skill level approaches of ANZSCO.

The information regarding skill level followed by training and development can also be well learnt from the bureau of Australian statistical studies, which is again one of the unit groups of Training and Development expert. However the information regarding the acquiring of the training and the development classes depends upon the basic education qualification and skill availed before applying for Australian Migration. But the basic norms and the rules remain the same for all categories be it for general work migration or categorised migration. The skill level of the candidate who further on qualifying the migration formalities and have to abide by the rules laid by section Training and Development Professional observe that the information and classification for each occupation is more or less the same for Australian & New Zealand standard. The difference in the requirements set by the assessment establishments further depends upon the obtained skill assents.

The eligibility programme as per section 223311 Training and Development Professional for the applicant is assessed under the migration sections which are as follows:

  • The Employer Nomination Scheme
  • The regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
  • Temporary business – for a particular period of long stay

Worth to note few more points that the assessment points are based upon the skilled migration visa, again the ability evaluation is only necessary for certain class of visa, namely the subclasses strictly for the skilled migration programme. Thus it is always advisable to do some homework and contact the relevant assessing authorities and be sure if your type of visa requires the skill assessment, whereas under the General Skill migration list there are few jobs which are meant for state and territory government agencies only. The assessment authorities basically provide Vocational Education and training services along with an after assessment.

Thus overall views of the task involved by Training and Development Professionals are as follows:

  • Identifying the training needs as per the organization requirements
  • Assessing the learning outcomes and settling the objectives for human resource expansion.
  • Preparing, developing, designing scheduling and also coordinating the training materials through handbooks, visual aids, online tutorials and demonstration needs and also other requisite reference documents are supplied to the applicants. These all develop in facilitating workshops, meetings and helping and improving conference demonstrations too.
  • The embassy also a liaison with the external trainers with additional training and developing programmes, to further evaluate the existing promotional activities too.


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