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ASRI ‘Australian Skills Recognition Information’ has mentioned Facilities Managers on SOL under the skilled immigration program!

Now what makes this watch worthy is that the occupations which are slightly less technical are getting a place on the SOL ‘Skilled Occupation List’. It was earlier noted that most destinations on immigration were extracting technique intensive jobs for the talent outside. Recent advancements in technology and the global competition were the key reasons behind this form of policy. But, Australia seems to be making a point with this, which seems to be realistic.

The mention of 149913 Facilities Manager is reflective of Australia’s intention to source jobs which are friendlier to its economy. This is pretty much in contrast to what other developed nations such as US and UK observe with their immigration policies. Permanent Residency in US aims at having the most intellectual and sharpest of the minds across globe, for select sectors. Australia on the other hand, makes an exception and identifies occupations based on a comprehensive assessment of its labour market needs, irrespective of it being technical or general. The intention is to provide global talent to all the sectors of economy, Facilities Manager being one of them.

ANZSCO ‘Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations’ defines Facilities Manager as one who manages or supervises facilities at any private or public firm and keeps this under strategic control.

It is advisable that the applicants under general skilled immigration should first make an EOI ‘Expression on Interest’ on Skillselect in order to secure job of 149913 Facilities Manager in Australia. Skillselect makes immigration a smooth ride for all the intending immigrants as a nice assortment of following documents is all what it takes to make an application, rest is what Skillselect does on its own :-

  • EOI ‘Expression of Interest’
  • A selection on SOL
  • IELTS ‘International English Language Test Score’ certificate
  • Availability of funds at any Australian financial institution
  • Health Insurance / Medico-legal documents

Once the application is place, Skillselect would perform a point’s based assessment of each. The Department of Citizenship and Immigration makes it mandatory to score a least of 60 points to become eligible under skilled immigration. An individual who gets a place on top of list gets a good attention of the Australian employers and State representatives. One must make an attempt to highlight his or her scoring points on immigration and accordingly place an application. For instance, a rich experience of managing facilities at any production or service firm should attract more points for the applicant. Similarly, a higher education on operations management or strategic application should bring in more points on the cumulative score, raising probabilities on selection. Likewise, ASRI also makes a mention of an Advanced Diploma, Diploma or AQF Associate Degree (ANZSCO skill level 2) as gateway to the occupation i.e. 149913 Facilities Manager. It is also suggested that the application should be placed under 3 different programs i.e.

  • Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) / subclass 186
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme / subclass 187
  • Standard Business Sponsorship / subclass 457

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