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Skillselect enlists 141311 Hotel or Motel Manager on SOL. Applications required

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A Hotel or Motel Manager is one who takes care of the administrative or managerial part of a Hotel or a Motel. The sudden rise of visiting tourists in Australia has raised a demand of managers in this segment. ASRI 'Australian Skills Recognition Information' has therefore enlisted 141311 Hotel or Motel Manager as a prominent spot on SOL 'Skilled Occupation List'. The list shows a good number of occupations under the said class as invitation to all the immigrants under the General Skilled category. This aspect of Australian immigration policy seems to highlight the availability of occupations in this segment so that the applications can be placed for the occupation in substantial numbers. However, the applicants need to show a good in-depth understanding of Skillselect and the immigration policies prior to making an application.

Skillselect has acquired the status of the governing body on Australian immigration. It lays a simplistic but intricate arrangement of papers and documents on immigration. Any application under the General Skilled category needs to be placed under three visa forms i.e.

  • Temporary (long term) Business Sponsorship (subclass 457)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187)

The immigrant need to first place an EOI 'Expression of Interest' under Skillselect. This marks the intent of the immigrant to take an occupation in Australian region based on his or her professional expertise. The application should therefore show a good compliance on part of papers relating to education, professional expertise, skills, abilities and adaptability. Skillselect goes on to allocate marks to every such scale and makes a list out of the total applications based on the cumulative score. It is mandatory for the skilled immigrant to score a minimum of 60 points to become eligible for immigration. Even a score of 60 doesn't guarantee an invitation on occupation as only the top scorers get to work in Australia. Once selected by an Australian employer or the State Representative, Skillselect sends across invitation to the candidate to come and discuss employment. On the eligibility criteria, ANZSCO 'Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation' mentions graduation as the least on qualification to 141311 Hotel or Motel Manager. The regulatory body also speaks of on-the-job training so that more abilities can be attained for performing the job. ASRI 'Australian Skills Recognition Information' however makes an amendment to the policy and allows immigrants to replace 5 years of relevant experience for no formal education on occupation.

Australia has a prominent place as a tourist destination. In spite of the recession the economy in Australia has remained resilient and robust. The government too has made efforts to promote Australia as a leading spot on tourism and leisure space. An outcome to this is a demand on Hotel or Motel managers who can successfully manage day-to-day affairs by way of a qualitative service. Skillselect however makes sure that such occupations are sufficed with the most competent and capable manpower.

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