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Australia Skilled independent (Sub-class 189) immigration Visa

Download Australia Immigration Information
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Australia (Sub-class 189) immigration a points-based permit/visa even as it is basically meant for trained/qualified overseas professionals and tradespersons who lack any sponsorship from either a Australian employer, or a territory or state, or a member of family. A person having a (Sub-class 189) immigration visa may stay and work--on a permanent basis--anywhere across the country. Some members of their families may be duly covered in their visa applications.

Australia (Sub-class 189) immigration Visa - Key requirements

Only those people from abroad having an invitation from the concerned organization can duly file an application. For invitation purposes, it is essential that the aspirants must:

  • File an Australia Expression of Interest (EOI);          Free Assesment
  • Have a vocation/occupation which duly finds mention on the related skilled profession list;
  • Have an appropriate skills evaluation for the given vocation;
  • Be below 50 years at the time the invitation is sent;
  • Successfully cater to the desired English language requirements; and
  • Pocket not less than 60 test points.
  • Successfully cater to the character and health prerequisites.

Prior to applying (Sub-class 189) immigration Visa

With a view to filing an application under Australia (Sub-class 189) immigration Visa the aspirants must, to begin with, file an Expression of Interest (EOI) via Australia SkillSelect. An Australia EOI application must have information as regards positive skills assessment from the relevant skills assessment body and also submit information on required IELTS test score. Interested in making an application under (Sub-class 189) immigration Visa? What we need from you is

  • Your resume updated
  • Spouse’s resume if applicable
  • Details of children if applicable

You can send these documents directly to Mr. Ajay Sharma for a free of charge assessment on his mail