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Australia Immigration

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Australia SkillSelect Immigration Program

Australia SkillSelect is an important Australia government immigration program and it shows how the nation eventually administers & runs its many Skilled, business and investor immigration schemes. It’s essentially an online facility suitably managed and administered by the Australian immigration body, Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), Australia.

In other words, the ground-breaking immigration program to Australia through SkillSelect is an online service, brought-in by the DIAC, Australia, to allow the overseas qualified skilled professionals to be ‘officially discovered’ by the regional administrations and the national recruiters, for skilled migration objects.

Australian SkillSelect program makes it possible for the trained experts & tradespersons from abroad—eager to shift to the country--to duly register their information/data, so that their entries are suitably assessed for an Australia Skilled immigrant permit, through an Expression of Interest (EOI).

The Australia immigration SkillSelect online program helps to make certain that the scheme meant for skilled overseas movement is based on the nation’s specific economic requirements. It’s molded to be an effective tool for Canberra, and help it manage, in a superior way, those who may file a petition for skilled migration, when they could do so--and much more importantly--in what figures. This is done to cut down the total time taken to process a permit submission.
Further, Australia migration SkillSelect is duly cast to positively address the issue of regional dearth of skilled professionals presently affecting the many Australian areas. The program also enables those keen to show that they are well prepared to reside and get involved with a work opportunity in a given area.
The SkillSelect program has proved useful and helpful for the Australian firms/recruiters battling regional skill scarcities. It has proved beneficial to the state & territory administrations also even as these are busy with efforts to settle the migrants throughout the regional Australia.

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Australia SkillSelect: How does it Work?

SkillSelect is an online facility even while it enables qualified manpower & business individuals-- eager to shift to Down Under--to get their particulars duly registered so that their ‘interests’ are given a look for a skilled permit, via an EOI.

The aspirants may afterwards be discovered and offered nomination for skilled permits by the companies of Down Under or the Australian state & territory administrations, or they could be sent an invite from Canberra to file a permit petition.

Important: Since July 1 2012, it’s mandatory for every migrant--inspired with the points based skilled movement, and/or business investment & innovation permit schemes--to duly present an EOI, prior to getting an invite, with a view to file an Immigration petition for an Australian permanent residence visa.

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Australia Skilled Visa Types

For more updates on Australia immigration and visa, watch this space. For immigration to UK, US, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Lithuania, Singapore, and Hong Kong, send your updated resume to and get Immigration Assessment, absolutely free.