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How to Immigrate To Australia from India

Download Australia Immigration Information
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Indians have always found Australia promising for better future and stable life. If you too are contemplating moving to Aussie shores you must get informed about basic requirements you must accomplish before you could actually put yourself in reckoning for being considered for visa.

All skilled migration process is now managed by SkillSelect platform. This platform has provided Aussie government an effective tool to monitor inflow of expertise illustrated in Skilled Professions Tabulations - SOL and CSOL.

Although it is an established fact that current edition of migration arrangement is more Australia centric. But if closely observed, certain elementary features of this regime relieve migrants from several tedious processes and procedures concerned with skilled migration.

Implementation of SkillSelect has been complimented by simplification and elaboration of several classifications, categories and subsections etc. into one compact but comprehensive platform. All trained profession programs have been bought within the purview of this one single window clearance i.e.          Free Assesment

  • Federal
  • Regional
  • Employer sponsorship

In this platform you must create an electronic profile- EOI. Before creating your profile you need to complete certain preliminaries i.e.

  • Explore SOL or CSOL: To identify trade exactly similar or closely related to your profession.
  • Credentials evaluation: After selecting appropriate trade you must get your academic and professional credentials evaluated from an authorized evaluation agency to establish validity of your professional profile in Australian context.
  • Language stipulations: substantiating your linguistic abilities as per desired Australian standards through designated language examinations e.g. IELTS

Preliminaries must be completed in advance for 2 reasons.

  1. During EOI creation you must submit this data and your profile is granted marks based on points evaluation (this is crucial if you opt for independent emigration where highest slotted profile gets preference)
  2. If your EOI is selected you get only 60 days to complete formalities, failing which invitation is cancelled and opportunity lost After completing these formalities you can create your profile. While creating profile you can select passage of migration i.e.
  3. Independent migration
    • Skilled
    • Business
    • Investment
  4. Provincial endorsement
  5. Employer sponsorship

You can opt for multiple programs through one EOI and will be visible for programs and to parties you choose. EOI is stored for 2 years and can be updated when required.

You must supply authentic information as this will form part of your application if you are short-listed. Incase anything is found contravening to information initially furnished you may have to face serious consequences including being barred from migrating to Australia.

If you opt for

  • Point scheme your profile is ranked and you are invited accordingly as per ranks being considered at that time.
  • Sponsorship: (State or employer) your profile is visible to employers you have chosen in your EOI and are invited based on their discretion.          Free Assesment

On being short-listed you are instructed to filing application, you get 60 days for filing for visa. If you fail to comply with stipulated instructions and time-frame, offer is deemed cancelled.